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AI Opportunity Detection

Find Hidden Gems with AI Opportunity Detection for Higher Testing ROI

January 4, 2024

What if, within the data of seemingly unsuccessful tests, there were gems of conversion opportunity waiting to be unearthed? This is exactly where Kameleoon's AI Opportunity Detection feature comes into play, a tool designed to reveal the overlooked insights in your campaigns.

Extract Maximum Value From Each Experiment

An opportunity, in the context of Kameleoon's AI Opportunity Detection, is a subsegment of the targeted segment with a significant relative size and a reliable positive effect over the original.

Opportunity detected Kameleoon


Opportunity Found!

Imagine a scenario where, even if your main results don't show success, there's a notification that signals the presence of potential opportunities. This notification and an additional icon signify that Kameleoon has detected uplift opportunities on your variations that could resonate with a portion of your audience.

Kameleoon outil plateforme Opportunity Detector


Solving the Pain Points

The AI Opportunity Detection feature addresses a common frustration in A/B testing  — the fear of "losing'' valuable ideas or insights. A/B tests may declare a campaign unsuccessful, but what if a specific subsegment of the experiment would actually convert? This feature ensures that such opportunities are not overlooked. 

AI Opportunity Detection is designed to aid users in finding and confirming test improvements. It achieves this by using AI to analyze the performance of the campaign on each of the customer segments within the test audience.

The Solution Unveiled

When a test is not deemed an outright "winner," the AI Opportunity Detection feature kicks in. Results are scrutinized across individual segments, and an opportunity is identified if a subsegment displays a significant relative size and a reliable positive effect over the original. When the AI Opportunity Detection feature identifies a potential opportunity, it advises duplicating the experiment and testing it against the new segment proposed by Kameleoon.

Focused Subsegment Identification

No more missing out on valuable personalization opportunities. The AI Opportunity Detection feature ensures that positive effects within target segments are brought to the forefront, even when the broader test might not have yielded the desired outcome.

Real-Time Alerts and Experiment Validation

Stay informed with timely notifications for each identified opportunity. This not only keeps you in the loop but also allows you to validate the potential by duplicating experiments. A thorough exploration of these opportunities ensures that no stone is left unturned in the pursuit of campaign optimization.

AI Opportunity Detection is not about declaring winners and losers; it's about uncovering hidden opportunities that have the potential to improve your testing and campaign ROI. 

AI Opportunity Detection is available as a premium add-on for Kameleoon Web Experimentation. For more information, please contact your Customer Success Manager.

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