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AI Copilot Kameleoon

Kameleoon AI Copilot changes how teams experiment

March 9, 2024

Have you ever discovered a solution so practical that it immediately felt indispensable? 

That's precisely how Kameleoon approached designing the next generation of its experimentation AI tools, Kameleoon AI Copilot. 

Kameleoon AI Copilot meets experimentation teams where they want to apply AI, simplifying tasks from test creation to results analysis. Embedded within the Kameleoon platform, AI Copilot functionality isn’t a clunky add-on but an integrated tool to assist teams with test ideation, task automation, and experimentation ROI. 

A pioneer in experimentation AI 

Kameleoon has been at the forefront of integrating AI into experimentation since launching its first AI-powered feature, AI Predictive Targeting, in 2016. Founded by AI pioneer Jean-Noël Rivasseau, Kameleoon’s platform architecture is built on the most modern infrastructure to enable real-time actions, performance, stability, and reliability. 

Releasing 50+ new experimentation features every year, a dedicated R&D team working alongside Kameleoon clients developed Kameleoon’s next-generation of AI features to help all users leverage the latest AI advances. 

Why we launched AI Copilot 

The world of web A/B testing and feature experimentation is changing very quickly. Experimentation teams are on tight budgets, tight deadlines, and under pressure to show results and scale their programs. Can AI help? The answer is a resounding ‘yes.’ 

Here are some of the pain points AI could help solve: 

  • Creativity: new test hypotheses, content variations, experiment suggestions. 
  • Speed: higher experimentation velocity coupled with time savings. 
  • Targeting: advanced propensity modeling to target the right leads / users and convert. 
  • Personalization: real-time optimization, hyper-tailored messaging. 
  • Feedback: create, run, and analyze surveys to collect deeper insights and feed your experimentation program 
  • Attribution: optimized attribution across all touch points pre-conversion. 
  • Data: data augmentation and enrichment at scale and in real time. 
  • Analysis: more reliable results, from richer profiles and to querying the experiment results in natural language to view what’s ‘behind the report’. 


Creating an actionable roadmap to address all these opportunities for disruption required marrying AI trends and technology with real practitioner feedback and requirements. 

One of the key takeaways from our numerous conversations and workshops with customers: the application of AI should be practical and focused on real ‘jobs to be done’. 

Kameleoon launched AI Copilot to address experimentation teams’ real pain points. 

Introducing Kameleoon AI Copilot 

Kameleoon's AI Copilot is an essential tool for experimentation teams, offering a practical way to harness AI for enhancing online experiences. Here’s an overview of its capabilities. 

  • AI Experiments: Allows teams to run experiments at scale, from an entire page to multiple groups of pages. AI Experiments creates variations, runs the test, and presents the results. 

    AI Experiment by Kameleoon



  • AI Predictive Targeting: Automatically identifies visitors with a higher likelihood to convert, and optimizes targeting strategies, ensuring more personalized user experiences and higher conversion rates. 


    IA personalization by Kameleoon


  • AI Opportunity Detection: Highlights sub-segments within the tests’ target audience that might convert on a ‘losing’ test, thus finding new potential ‘wins’ and lifting the overall experiment performance. Our customers see an average 15% uplift. 

    AI Opportunity Detection by Kameleoon


  • AI Assist: This conversational interface provides instant answers to queries, from setting up experiments to understanding results. AI Assist makes data and platform support analysis more accessible. 

    AI Assist by Kameleoon



Looking at AI ahead at Kameleoon 

Kameleoon's AI Copilot is more than just a tool; it's a step towards a more integrated, AI-driven approach to web and feature experimentation. 

If you're ready to scale your experimentation programs, refresh your approach to test ideation, and gain deeper insights into your audience's behavior, consider Kameleoon and our AI Copilot.

Reach out to us for a demo of Kameleoon AI. Let's explore what we can achieve together.

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