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Kameleoon launches its new visual identity

November 12, 2019
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Since our creation in 2012, we’ve never had a major change in our visual identity. As our logo, our little chameleon Balthazar has braved every challenge with confidence and a winning spirit. 

However, for some time, Balthazar has been dreaming of change. After all, he is a chameleon! He wants to be able to deploy his entire palette of colors and show his incredible dexterity when it comes to hitting his targets at the right time. 

So we’d like to present a new Balthazar, one that is a little less “start-upish”, no less innovative, but definitively more audacious and as gifted as ever at personalizing and adapting to his environment...


This new identity embodies our position as the conversion rate optimization leader in Europe, where over 450 companies successfully use our personalization and A/B testing platform. 

It was entirely created in-house because we wanted it to truly represent us. 

We have also ensured that it reflects the ambitions of our customers who, each day, share and discuss their requirements and their expectations around personalization and digital marketing. 

To give our dear Balthazar a new lease of life, our designer, Camille, focused on two guidelines: 

Less is more, simpler lines

Balthazar’s new minimalistic and geometric silhouette can be interpreted in many ways and that is precisely the point: he adapts to everyone’s personal needs and requirements. 


A palette of bright colors

We wanted to emphasize the richness of his palette of colors, which allow him to metamorphose according to his background and context. 



Clad in red, green and purple, Balthazar is even more motivated to conquer the world of personalization and to cater to the needs of each of your visitors through individualized content, messages and offers. 

His mission: to offer each of your visitors a digital experience that matches their personal requirements!

Introducing our new website

Since Balthazar also needed some new online space to show off his new identity, we’re launching our new website today. 

Meeting your needs

We’ve added some new sections specifically to meet client needs. 

You can now easily access tailored resources relevant to your business sector or the technology benefits that most interest you: 

  • The “Industries” section has pages dedicated to different sectors, with specific advice, whitepapers and customer stories. 
  • The “Why Kameleoon?” section explains the key features and benefits that differentiate our 100% enterprise-ready platform.

More news 

The Kameleoon team is dedicated to helping you transform your conversion rate optimization strategies and to support you at every stage of your personalization projects. We are available all year round, attending lots of shows as well as organizing and taking part in events, running webinars and publishing a wide range of resources. 

We now have a dedicated Events page to ensure you don’t miss out. You can also find our latest news and resources highlighted on each page of our website instead of just on our blog.

A great many of you read our blog, Conversion Matters. So, to improve your reading experience, we’ve completely redesigned it.

You can now select a topic to focus on the specific articles that most interest you. And, at the bottom of each article we now suggest related topics and content to extend your reading. Personalized content for personalization professionals!

And of course you can sign up for our newsletter to stay informed about the latest blog content that we publish. 

Our project continues… You’ll soon be able to access an entirely personalized version of our website, so stay tuned! 

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