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6 September 2016

[Product Release] June: Innovation's back!

Summer wasn’t all vacations at Kameleoon. We worked on new features that will help you to be ever more efficient and precise when implementing your user experience optimization strategy. The launch of our new smart editor for A/B Testing four months ago was a big success with our clients. Their feedback helped us to improve this tool even further. Keep reading to find out about all new features that consolidate Kameleoon’s position as the most performing solution in its market.

Go further with your A/B Testing scenarios with “hover mode”

You have already considered testing wording and position of your call-to-action and browsing menu. And right you are, these are the most current test. But here’s the problem: these elements are visible only when your mouse hovers over them. Up to now, testing these elements has not been possible without proper coding. Knowing that this is an important issue for marketing teams, we added “hover mode” to our smart editor, so you can do better A/B testing on menus and CTAs. Kameleoon users can work on these elements by selecting them and pressing “control” on their keyboard. All components of the element can then be accessed and changed without changing code. Simple, fast, efficient!  

Hover mode AB testing  innovation

Change the size of elements without code

Many of our clients regularly A/B test the size of page elements (pictures, text areas, …). You can do this easily with different types of software you use, such as PowerPoint, Photoshop, etc., why not do it directly on the website? Kameleoon offers this feature to all marketers wishing to simply and quickly change their pages. Just select the element and adjust the size using your mouse. Resize AB testing Kameleoon  innovation  

Duplicate an element in two clicks

We are living in a digital world. Copy/Paste might well be the most repeated action every working day (right after Save, if, like me, you don’t trust your computer). Now this essential feature is available for our smart editor, to help you save time when A/B testing. To duplicate an element, just select it and place it wherever you want. Copy paste  

2 new targeting criteria for Segment Builder

  • Make weather forecast your ally:
Our segmentation engine already offers to combine over 40 criteria to segment your visitors and create tailored experience for them. We have enriched the list of criteria so you can target your visitors according to weather forecast (in addition to current weather conditions, which is already available). Allopneus, French leader in online tire sales, has already used the weather criterion to create a personalized experience and raised its conversion rate by 2.9%. Imagine the effect anticipating the weather could have on your conversions! meteo kameleoon innovation  
  • Identify your visitors who use adblocks
We know that our media clients particularly dislike adblocks. We already offer a widget simplifying the creation of a pop-in asking users to disable their adblock. successfully tried it out and raised the number of adblock deactivation by 179%. We now offer to target your adblocking visitors directly via our segmentation engine. All you have to do is create the personalized experience or A/B Tests that will make this visitor segment react accordingly.

No more mistakes when tests are online

The devil is in the detail. Simple errors often are the most frustrating ones. If you are already doing A/B Testing, you have probably known the awkward situation where you spent hours and hours to get everything right only to realize the test was already online, thus risking to skew your results. Kameleoon is there to simplify your work in every way, so we decided to do away with this problem once and for all. You get immediate notification when you are trying to change a test that is already online, avoiding you to get it wrong inadvertently. A small step for Kameleoon, a giant leap for your serenity.

Easily track page elements

Click tracking is important for measuring the impact that different elements on your page have on your visitors’ behavior. However, when tracking the performance of a CTA which is positioned on more than one place of a page, the analysis quickly gets complicated. That’s why we gave tracking management a complete makeover. It’s become easier and faster, as you can now tie several elements on your page to one tracker.

Organize you A/B Testing agenda

You want a test to stop at a precise date or have prepared tests and want them to go online the day of your choice. What you don’t want is patiently wait behind your computer for the moment to arrive. That’s only logical, it would be such a waste of your time. That’s why we added a test planer to our A/B Testing tool. Just schedule the day and time you want your test to start or to end, Kameleoon’ll take care of everything.

Don’t lose track of your work

What is more annoying than working on A/B test, changing elements on one’s pages and then not being able to switch back and forth to find the most efficient changes? We know that this is an issue for many of our clients, so we changed our modification history feature. It’s much more than a simple undo/redo, you can track your actions according to chronology and changed element. You’ll never lose track of your work again!  

undo-redo innovation

Integrate Kameleoon into your Ysance DMP

Ysance has been a Kameleoon partner for years. As we wanted to enable you to use customer data from any source, we built up a native integration between our solution. Now users of Ysance DMP can upload directly into Kameleoon the customer segments for which they have scheduled a personalization. Intégrez Kameleoon à votre DMP Ysance innovation

More is yet to come

Obviously! That’s all for this month, but there will be more very soon. If you want to learn about Kameleoon’s other features, don’t hesitate to ask fo a demo. Stay tuned for more! ? demande de démo kameleoon innovation