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The best A/B testing tools in 2024

March 18, 2024
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With Google Optimize sunsetting, many businesses are now considering alternatives to their A/B testing solution. So how do you select the best optimization tool for your business?

Today, we're rounding up the best A/B testing tools on the market today to help you choose the one that’s right for you. 
These testing solutions cater to a wide range of optimization programs, from web experimentation, to feature experimentation, personalization, and more.

In order for this list to be representative of all forms of experimentation, we've broken it down by the best tools for:

  • All teams: tools for mid to enterprise companies with mature experimentation programs that need a unified platform including web, full stack and feature experimentation capabilities.
  • Web experimentation: tools for marketers and experimentation leaders that are running web experimentation in various stages from beginner to advanced.
  • Feature experimentation: tools for product managers and developers that are managing feature flags and feature experimentation.
  • Full stack experimentation: tools for advanced experimentation programs running web and feature experimentation.


Use this list as a starting point to help you determine the best solution for your testing needs. 

1 Best A/B testing tools for all teams

Tools for mid to enterprise companies with mature experimentation programs that need a unified platform including web, full stack and feature experimentation capabilities. A tool can only be considered best for all teams if it offers a unified platform.


Kameleoon A/B testing tool homepage


Kameleoon is designed to make every kind of experimentation easier for all teams, making it one of the best A/B testing tools on the market today. It is the only optimization platform to offer web, full stack, and feature experimentation in a single unified platform. 

With Kameleoon, marketers can run conversion experiments on their digital channels, engineers can configure feature flags, and product managers can experiment with feature releases all in their preferred platforms. 

Newly launched, Kameleoon Hybrid™ makes server-side testing easier for all teams by empowering non-technical teams to run server-side experiments with client-side capabilities. 

If you need only one experimentation solution that caters to all of your experimentation needs across your entire company, Kameleoon might just be it.

Key Features

  • Offers the best feature set for data accuracy in the optimization market, with safeguards against data loss caused by cookie restrictions (Apple’s ITP), in-app Sample Ratio Mismatch (SRM) alerting, and a custom attribution window.
  • GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA compliant and with ISO 27001 certification, Kameleoon is the only solution to offer a consent management feature that can adapt to each test and region.
  • Client-side, server-side, and multivariate testing.
  • Offers more than 50 native integrations with the largest analytics, customer data, CMS, CRM, messaging, and consent management providers on the market. 
  • 2-3x faster than other web experimentation solutions and is 100% flicker-free
  • Work in a drag-and-drop segment builder that offers 40+ native criteria to create precise, personalized experiences.
  • Kameleoon Hybrid lets you create server-side experiments with client-side capabilities.
  • Kameleoon Conversion Score (KCS™) leverages machine-learning algorithms to predict each visitor’s purchase or likelihood to convert on any metric in real-time. Users are automatically segmented to deliver the best possible experience.
  • Set up campaigns with a no-code, WYSIWYG graphic editor or a code editor. 


  • Easy and intuitive platform for marketers, product managers, software engineers, and developers.
  • Offers a lightweight script that doesn’t affect page performance and user experience and is 100% flicker-free.
  • Follow the sun support. With support teams around the world, technical and customer support managers are available to help customers troubleshoot issues and advise on business goals for experiments in every timezone.
  • Onboarding is comprehensive with kick-off, training, roadmaps and support from the tool’s team.
  • Comes with a consulting team that provides customers with recommendations and a roadmap to achieve their business goals. 


  • Kameleoon is designed for mid-to-enterprise organizations looking to grow their pre-existing experimentation, growth, or product-led programs. Its pricing reflects this. For this reason, Kameleoon may be too expensive of a solution for some teams. 



Kameleoon offers three unlimited licenses – Web Experimentation, Full Stack Experimentation, and AI-Powered Personalization. Pricing is based on the average number of monthly unique visitors/users. To get a quote or learn more about Kameleoon, Book a Demo. 

Best A/B testing tools for web experimentation

Tools for marketers and experimentation leaders that are running web experimentation in various stages from beginner to advanced.


AB Tasty A/B testing tool homepage

AB Tasty

AB Tasty is a customer optimization and testing platform that offers both client-side and server-side experimentation.

With AB Tasty, you can run experiments on websites, mobile apps, OTT/TV apps, IoT & wearable, and voice apps. 

Key Features

  • Offers A/B testing, split testing, multivariate testing, and multipage experiments.
  • Includes an AI-driven advanced audience manager to create segments based on the content users consume on your website, their engagement levels, and your CDP or data lakes. 
  • Comes with dynamic conversion rate optimization widgets for the different stages of the buying journey.


  • Support team is responsive in helping customers find a solution to their issues.
  • Frequently implement features from customer feedback into the tool.
  • Includes a library of widgets to help you create experiences and add new dimensions to your experiments.
  • Offers comprehensive and in-depth reporting.


  • The dashboard is complex and can be hard to understand for non-technical users.
  • The project management is lacking and can make finding tests difficult.
  • It is missing a drag-and-drop function in its visual editor, which can be challenging for non-technical roles.
  • Tests on dynamic content and single page applications (SPAs) are difficult and require developer resources to implement.



AB Tasty’s pricing is available upon request.


Convert A/B testing tool homepage


Convert is a client-side A/B testing tool used primarily by ecommerce companies and SMBs for web experimentation. Because of its simple interface and budget-friendly cost, small teams can start testing without the help of a developer. 

Key Features

  • Offers client-side testing for running tests on mobile and desktop sites.
  • Includes a hypothesis builder to build and plan experiments in the future.
  • Offers both visual and code editors to build experiments in familiar environments.
  • Has 40+ audience targeting options to run experiments on specific segments of customers.
  • Offers post segmentation so you can dig further into experiment results and gather more insights.


  • Intuitive dashboard for customers of all skill levels.
  • Script is straightforward to implement.
  • Customer support team is knowledgeable, helpful, and responsive.
  • Includes customizable goals that can be applied to track data points in experiments.


  • Offers basic reporting only, and results often need to be exported to a third-party software for better analysis.
  • Unable to support enterprise-level clients.
  • The learning curve for more advanced tests is very steep.



Convert plans start at $99/month. Its entry-level plan supports 50,000 tested users per month.

Dynamic Yield A/B testing tool homepage

Dynamic Yield

Dynamic Yield is a full experience optimization platform targeted towards ecommerce and retail businesses. 

They offer enterprise-grade A/B testing as part of their “Optimize” solution, where you can run experiments on all your digital channels, including websites, apps, and connected devices.

Key Features

  • Supports A/B and multivariate tests across web, apps, and connected devices. 
  • Supports omnichannel optimization across the entire customer journey with multitouch optimization campaigns.
  • Comes with AI-powered optimizations that automatically match visitors with relevant experiences.
  • Ships with multiarmed bandit algorithms, automatically routing more traffic to the winning variations.
  • Comes with conversion tools like a landing page builder, banners, popups, and recommendation widgets that can be personalized with your existing user data.


  • Strong product recommendation offering, thanks to its deep learning model. 
  • Offers predictive targeting, to inform you as to what personalization to serve to a segment.
  • Platform can be used to launch personalized trigger email campaigns, such as for cart abandonment campaigns.


  • Comes with a steep learning curve, and isn’t self-serve.
  • It can take some time to get comfortable with the platform given its user interface. 
  • Account setup requires technical resources with limited onboarding and training available.
  • Getting insights can be challenging due to the complex and technical interface.



Dynamic Yield’s pricing is available upon request.


Hotjar website homepage


Hotjar is an optimization solution that offers a variety of tools to help you discover how people are moving through your website.

It is a popular tool for marketers and data-driven teams to use in their A/B testing tool kit due to its advanced heat mapping and recording features.

Key features

  • Comprehensive heatmaps visually represent where users click, move, and scroll on any page of your website.
  • Scroll maps enable you to see where users stop scrolling and drop off so you can optimize specific aspects of a webpage.
  • Recordings allow you to map the entire user journey and watch how users behave in real-time on your site.
  • Feedback features can be used to collect information from your users in real-time.
  • Create custom on-site surveys to appear on your site as needed, or use a pre-set survey template to collect valuable user data in the moment.


  • Installation is simple with a single script enabling all heatmaps.
  • Unlimited heatmaps are offered on all plans, with heatmaps stored for 365 days.
  • Straightforward and easy to use, making it a great tool for teams new to experimentation.
  • Offers integrations across the tech stack.


  • Does not offer a dedicated, advanced A/B testing solution.
  • Not as robust in their feature offerings as other tools.
  • Pricing may be considered high compared to other offerings.



Hotjar offers a free plan for up to 35 daily sessions. Paid plans start at $39 USD/mo.

Omniconvert A/B Testing Tool homepage



Omniconvert is a customer optimization software with three offerings — a CRO platform, an ecommerce customer analysis platform, and a customer survey platform.

Its CRO platform is a client-side testing platform where you can run A/B tests, personalizations, and overlays on websites.

Key Features

  • Offers a visual and code editor.
  • Supports A/B testing, split testing, and stacked testing (use the winning variation of an experiment as the control for your next) on desktop, tablet, and mobile. 
  • Supports personalizations based on user type, device type, and user behavior.
  • Use up to 40 data points for targeting users with personalizations, including source, acquisition channel, and third-party attributes like brand affinities. 
  • Comes with 100+ overlay templates that can be triggered on exit, on load, on scroll, and on click to offer personalized messaging based on user traffic source, behavior, location, etc.


  • Has a dedicated support team that is responsive to user issues and queries. 
  • Offers flexible pricing for businesses.
  • Has extensive third-party integrations.


  • Knowledge base is not as robust, which can lead to lengthy trouble-shooting times.
  • Preset templates are often not specific enough for complex use cases.
  • Onboarding is not as extensive or in-depth as it needs to be which can lead to a steeper learning curve than expected when you are a new user. 
  • Past experiments can be hard to sort through and organize due to the user interface.



Explore plans begin at $273 per month (when billed annually). This plan supports 50,000 tested views per month.

Webtrends Optimize A/B Testing Tool homepage


Webtrends Optimize

Webtrends Optimize offers a suite of website optimization solutions for A/B testing, personalization, and server-side testing to deliver enhanced digital experiences. 

It is a complete conversion rate optimization solution that comes with tools for social proof, product recommendations, and product scraping to further boost revenue.

Key Features

  • Supports A/B testing, multivariate testing, split testing, and server-side testing.
  • Supports website personalizations using data you have on a visitor, data from your CRM, and data from your eCommerce platform.
  • Ships with a product recommendation engine that can read your customer data to suggest products/solutions users may be interested in. 
  • Supports CRO tools like pop-ups, hello bars, in-line messages, surveys, and more.


  • Cost-effective, all-in-one solution that works well for teams looking to launch a host of optimization campaigns. 
  • Offers multiple eCommerce conversion rate optimization tools in a single package.
  • Support team is responsive and can be used to support optimization efforts.


  • The platform isn't as intuitive  can overwhelm users who aren’t acquainted with it.
  • Reporting can feel a bit limiting in some cases.
  • Relatively limited in the features it offers, especially for scaling teams.



If your website gets fewer than 10,000 sessions a month, you can start with Webtrends Optimize for free. Paid plans start at £179 per month. 

3 Best A/B testing tools for feature management and feature experimentation

Tools for product managers and developers that are managing feature flags and practicing feature experimentation.

Devcycle A/B testing tool homepage


Devcycle is a feature management and experimentation solution built for product teams. Web experimentation capabilities like running split tests, A/B tests, and multivariate tests are possible, but will require you to use the platform’s feature flags feature. 

Key Features

  • Supports several types of feature flags, including release flags, permission flags, and ops flags.
  • Comes with a kanban style view of your features that gives you full visibility of your feature flags.
  • Offers feature experimentation so you can run feature experiments on the web, mobile, and server-side.
  • Machine learning can automatically route traffic away from underperforming variations to the one(s) doing well.


  • Easy to set up and use the feature flagging solution.
  • Compliant with regulation like HIPAA, making it especially suitable for solutions in the healthcare industry. 
  • A Slack support channel offers timely support.
  • Integrations with Github and JIRA help developers push code live daily with minimal risk.


  • Experimentation features are not as mature as comparable options on the market.
  • Web experimentation features are only available as part of feature flagging - you'll need to wrap the different versions of your experiment into feature flags and then manage their delivery the way you’d manage regular feature flag experiments on the platform. 
  • Lacking in some notable integrations.



DevCycle's pricing is available upon request. DevCycle also offers a free plan that supports 1,000 MAU (monthly active users).


Flagship A/B testing tool homepage


Flagship is AB Tasty's experimentation solution for product teams and developers that support “faster and safer releases.”

Flagship offers feature flagging, feature management, and feature experimentation capabilities for engineering and product teams to deploy continuously and monitor the impact of features on business KPIs. 

Key Features

  • Offers feature experimentation and feature flag and feature management capabilities for multiple environments like web apps, native mobile apps, SPAs, eCommerce platforms, and connected devices. 
  • Supports user segmentation, letting you roll out features to specific subsets of users.
  • Enables progressive delivery by decoupling code deployments from feature releases. 
  • Supports safe code delivery with features like phased rollouts, rollback KPIs, and kill switches.
  • Offers 11 SDKs for all leading platforms and languages.


  • Generally easy-to-use platform for moving toward progressive delivery.
  • SDKs are provided for all the main languages and environments.


  • The initial setup can feel a little complex and may require additional technical help.
  • Platform UI can feel relatively basic with essential features lacking.



Flagship's pricing is available upon request.

LaunchDarkly A/B testing tool homepage


LaunchDarkly is a feature flagging, feature management, and feature experimentation platform. It gives product managers, engineers, and developers everything they need to innovate quickly and develop better products.

Key Features

  • Allows you to use it as a kill switch to control any feature with a simple on/off toggle.
  • SCIM provisioning eliminates the number of manual tasks while onboarding and offboarding users.
  • Well-documented and consistent.
  • SDKs for various platforms and programming languages.
  • Offers a streaming architecture for real-time updates of features.
  • DevOps tool integrations with application performance management tools, productivity and management applications, and more.


  • Easy-to-use platform.
  • Provides SDKs for almost all popular languages and environments.
  • High-quality documentation and customer support available.


  • SSO is only available as an add-on.
  • May be problematic for some industries with high regulation and compliance considerations.
  • Permissioning systems – for example having to consult the author of a feature flag when you want to remove it – can add more overhead to your production processes.
  • Data reporting is not always comprehensive.



LaunchDarkly plans begin at $8.33 per seat per month (when billed annually), although it does not include feature experimentation. To unlock experimentation, upgrading to a Pro plan is required.


Split A/B testing tool homepage


Split is a feature experimentation platform that helps teams build better products by shortening the time it takes to get “from code to customer." It supports full-stack product experimentation, so you can use it to run feature experiments across your entire product tech stack.

Key Features

  • Offers multiple kinds of feature flags, from simple on/off flags to multivariate and dynamic.
  • Supports controlled and risk-free testing in production with targeted releases only to specific user segments. 
  • Enables progressive delivery with tools like controlled rollouts. 
  • Supports automatic detection of underperforming features and features that "break."
  • Supports 16 client-side, server-side, and mobile SDKs.


  • Easy-to-configure for most engineering teams.
  • Offers a variety of SDKs to cover most of your tech stack.
  • Segmentation features can be used to launch features exclusively to specific segments like internal users or pre-production segments, etc. 


  • User segments cannot be imported into Split for targeted testing. 
  • Workflows for treating feature flags that aren't needed any longer – when they've been rolled out fully, for example – can be improved. 
  • Configuring target metrics for a feature experiment can be time-consuming.



A free plan with limited features is available for a single user. Split's paid plans (that include feature experimentation) start at $600/month.

4 Best A/B testing tools for full stack experimentation

Tools for advanced experimentation programs running web and feature experimentation.

Adobe Target A/B Testing Tool homepage

Adobe Target

Adobe Target is a client-side and server-side testing solution. It is part of Adobe Experience Cloud with other products like Adobe Sensei, Adobe Commerce and more.

It has a native integration with Adobe Analytics, which allows users to analyze experiment results and tie them to analytics data.

Key Features

  • Supports A/B testing, multivariate testing, and multiarmed bandit testing.
  • Supports rule-based personalizations using any data that you have on a visitor profile, including attributes like age, brand affinity, or gender.
  • Comes with a host of automation features, including automatically creating and serving personalized experiences using different creative offers, messaging, and design changes at scale.
  • Supports progressive, unified profiles that learn more about a visitor with each interaction.


  • Integrates with Adobe Analytics to provide robust reporting of results from experiments. 
  • Offers advanced targeting and audience segmentation that is useful in complex tests or experiments.
  • Has a useful drag-and-drop feature for non-technical users who want to build out new tests. 


  • Lacks proper customer support as they only offer a ticketing system that often results in delays.
  • The visual experience composer can only handle simple UX changes, with custom code required for complex tests.
  • Script has a significant impact on page performance and can cause flickering on page. 
  • Limited native reporting - requires Adobe Analytics to create robust reporting of experiment results. 
  • Learning curve is steep, which affects how often new users can build experiments. 



Adobe Target’s pricing is available upon request.

Optimizely A/B testing tool homepage


Optimizely is a comprehensive A/B testing solution. It offers A/B testing, personalization, content and ecommerce management, and feature management capabilities. 

Key Features

  • Offers enterprise-class A/B testing and multipage experiments.
  • Ships with a visual editor for quick experiment builds.  
  • Comes with a program management hub to support a seamless experimentation program.
  • Supports feature flagging, feature management, and feature experimentation.
  • Offers multiple ways to segment users for targeted rollouts.


  • Offers comprehensive reporting that is easy to understand.
  • Preview and test result pages have links that can be shared across teams.
  • Post test segmentation can be used to further analyze the results of your tests.
  • Integrates with many third-party applications and can work within most tech stacks.


  • To get the most out of the tool, you need technical skills which can hinder marketers and those with limited developer resources from running more complex tests. 
  • Multi-page testing is difficult and requires cookies to bypass the need to publish the experiment first before you can run it on other pages concurrently. 
  • The visual editor can be difficult to use for non-technical users who want to build out tests.
  • The software can sometimes be unreliable and glitches often.



Optimizely’s pricing is available upon request. 

Sitespect A/B testing tool homepage


Sitespect is a full stack optimization and A/B testing software that you can use to test websites, single page applications (SPAs), and mobile apps. It is a privacy focused tool that is HIPAA, PCI DSS, GDPR, and CCPA compliant.

Key Features

  • Client-side and server-side testing enables you to test content, UI and non-UI changes, and features on mobile apps, SPAs and websites. 
  • Offers machine learning powered audience segmentation to help you target specific segments of your customers with personalized recommendations.  
  • Offers feature management to impact customer experience via managing feature releases and roll backs.
  • Has a visual editor with a point- and- click feature for easy experiment creation.


  • Offers one-on-one advice, support, and troubleshooting help from the tool’s support and product teams at an additional cost.
  • Offers a detailed data analytics and visualization suite to enable users to gather insights from the results of their tests.
  • Users get endless customization of their experiments and all its aspects, as well as precise control for admins. 


  • The platform has a steep learning curve for users, regardless of technical background.
  • Dashboard is not user friendly and requires you to toggle between two side menus to find what you’re looking for.
  • Preview panel can sometimes be buggy, making the quality assurance step of launching an experiment difficult to execute.



Available upon request.

VWO A/B testing tool homepage


VWO is an all-in-one experience optimization platform that comes with web experimentation, mobile app experimentation, personalization, and server-side testing.

They offer web experimentation as part of their VWO Testing solution, with additional functionalities offered as separate solutions under the VWO suite. 

Key Features

  • Supports A/B testing, multivariate testing, split testing, multipage, and multi-device experiments.
  • Offers a point-and-click visual editor and code editor for creating experiment builds quickly.
  • Comes with a number of conversion widgets like popups that you can add and test on your site. 
  • Offers tools like heatmaps and recordings as part of add-on solutions to help you build better hypotheses and see how your users engage with your experimental variations.


  • Stores hypotheses so you can reuse them in future tests.
  • Visual editor is easy to use and intuitive for marketers to edit and hide website content in experiments.
  • Offers comprehensive support via customer support agents via phone, live chat, and training. 
  • Has extensive project management capabilities within the platform.


  • Loads slowly and sometimes flickers when running tests on websites.
  • Tiered plans with upsells can push pricing out of range for teams on a budget.
  • Complex tests require technical knowledge, especially if the areas you’re testing need custom code. 
  • Often unable to support enterprise-level testing operations.



VWO has a huge catalog of solutions on offer. Costs will depend on the suite of products you get and can range anywhere from free to $10,000+/month. 

Wrapping up

Building an impactful experimentation program requires using an A/B testing solution that fits into best-of-breed martech stacks, scales, and lets each team focus on achieving their goals.

Whether you’re an ecommerce brand testing headlines to drive more revenue or a software company seeking to build better products and release new features with confidence and speed, your A/B testing tool should enable you to run whichever experiments you need.

Learn why Kameleoon is the best optimization solution for product, marketing, and growth teams working together to optimize and test customer experiences. Request a demo.

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