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2023 wins + 2024 goals

2023 wins + 2024 goals

January 18, 2024

Thanks to the Kameleoon team, customers, partners, and the entire Experimentation community for a great 2023. We were named the fastest-growing experimentation platform in North America thanks to you. Here are the notable highlights and our vision for 2024.

Championing unlimited, all-team experimentation

Our report, "How Product and Marketing Teams Collaborate on Experimentation to Drive Growth," revealed that 90% of leading companies conduct web and feature experimentation on a single platform. Experts echoed these findings and underscored the importance of all-team experimentation in powering both PLG and MLG for data-driven decision making.

All-team experimentation doesn’t work with restrictions

We strongly believe in experimentation without quotas or seat tiers, on an all-team unified platform. Our clients already benefit from the unlimited seats, experiments, feature flags, environments, projects, data, events, and tested traffic.

80+ new features, 40%+ increase in experiments run daily

With our flexible statistical engine, the fastest script on the market, and all-team, unified experimentation platform, we continue leading the market in experimentation feature releases. Our clients’ favorite 2023 launches are:


We also opened up our Feature Experimentation solution to everyone in a free 30-day trial.

The only unified platform with flexible approach to experimentation + data warehouses

Kameleoon is the only unified solution that allows experimenting in a traditional way as well as with your data warehouse both for web and feature experimentation. Last year, we added new ways to build your SSOT ecosystem.

  • 20+ new integrations including Rudderstack, mParticle, Contentful, and Shopify.
  • Data warehouse integrations, including Big Query and Snowflake.


Leading the discussion

Our annual Experimentation Thought Leadership Awards garnered unprecedented attention with 250+ nominees, and Think Ahead sessions covered key trends and product strategy.


Humbled by recognition and client success

  • Gartner: Kameleoon is among the six leading feature management vendors.
  • MarTech Intelligence: North America's fastest-growing experimentation solution.
  • Leader on G2Crowd and TrustRadius (feature set, value, support, and relationships).


Several client success stories stood out in 2023: Toyota’s 97% increase in leads with predictive targeting and Best Western’s revenue growth from a redesigned booking funnel.

Welcome to 2024, a year of All-Team Experimentation

Product Innovation

We continue innovating to support all-team experimentation. Our 2024 roadmap is focused on developing features that would support the advanced experimentation teams, while ensuring that all users, from beginner to expert, have a great experience. Coming soon:

  • New AI capabilities that will change the way you create experiments
  • More data warehouse integrations
  • An experiment management system for effective collaboration
  • Extra reporting capabilities
  • Brand new graphics editor
  • Upgraded reporting UI
  • Additional native integrations
  • New Widgets
  • Certifications in all-team experimentation


In addition, we are planning to unlock additional enterprise feature starter versions for all users. If you are a Kameleoon customer, stay tuned for our announcements.

Join our Experimentation Community

We're excited to create opportunities for discussion and collaboration among experimentation professionals. Stay connected with us on LinkedIn for invitations to our ThinkAhead webinars, virtual live sessions, and updates on in-person events.


The Kameleoon Team


We are on a mission to enable collaboration between marketing and product through a unified all-team experimentation platform that empowers teams to experiment their way.
The Kameleoon Team
The Kameleoon Team
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