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[Ebook] AI Personalization : How it really works ?

June 6, 2019
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According to a recent Gartner report on personalization, 56% of marketing leaders increased their personalization spend in 2018.

This is proof that personalization has become a key issue in digital marketing in recent years. It’s also proof that personalization is an area of investment for marketing leaders like yourselves. And if you’re going to invest, then you’ll need a technological solution. AI makes a significant contribution to personalization and there are many solutions that promise experiences based on predictive personalization.

But how do you choose between service providers if you’re not familiar with their technology? How do you determine in advance which solution to invest in so as to obtain the best return on investment and the best results for your business targets?

To provide the answer to this problem, and in the interests of transparency, we are opening the hood of our AI-driven personalization platform to provide technical insights that will help you understand how our technology works and, more generally, the technical aspects to take into account when choosing your AI personalization solution.

A platform built for marketers

"The value of a technology lies in the value of its use. At Kameleoon, we strongly believe that the only value of AI is what it creates through its applications. The entire architecture of our solution is built to adapt to the business challenges of our customers, regardless of their sector and their business issue.” Jean René Boidron – CEO of Kameleoon

Your AI-driven personalization platform must be designed to respond to your business targets and to adapt to all your uses.

The architecture of AI personalization

Your AI personalization solution must be able to handle all of the following stages:

Schéma whitepaper technique


Even if you’re no expert in machine learning, it can be interesting to understand how the algorithms of your AI-driven personalization solution work. In this whitepaper, you’ll find all the technical elements required to understand our algorithmic system.

Schéma algorithmes Kameleoon

Processing volume in real time

Processing very high volumes of data and providing relevant results in real time is a technological challenge requiring an architecture that was built with this in mind from the outset. In our whitepaper, find out how the Kameleoon platform is structured:

  • How data is collected and stored
  • Our APIs for facilitating integration with your tools
  • Hosting of the Kameleoon platform

How do you score and target visitors depending on their purchase intention?

Real-time targeting of visitors depending on their conversion probability implies a specialized model and methodology.

In this e-Book, we provide details of the metrics created by our R&D teams in order to easily manage this complicated problem. Several months of R&D and discussions with our customers led to the creation of dashboards and management tools that enable marketers to manage their strategy intuitively, based on initially very complex data.

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