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Kameleoon Heap integration

[Product Release] Introducing Kameleoon's integration with Heap’s product analytics platform

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This is part of a series of short focus articles on specific features and integrations within the Kameleoon platform, demonstrating the value and innovation we provide to our users.

With our new one-click Heap integration, our customers can now seamlessly analyze and understand the value of A/B test and personalization data from inside Heap reports and dashboards.

Heap is a leading product analytics platform. It is well known for its ability to automatically capture web and mobile app behavioral data (clicks, scrolls, form entries, touches, taps..) without users having to write a single line of code. Heap dashboards enable marketers and product owners to quickly get started and make business decisions faster based on the data they have collected.

Heap Kameleoon integrationWith our new one-click Heap integration, when a visitor is being targeted by an experiment, an event containing the name of the experiment and variant is automatically sent to Heap.

With this level of integration, marketers and product owners can now analyze the impact of an A/B test or personalization on any Heap metric by filtering on the events sent by Kameleoon.

Heap Kameleoon Integration

Activating Heap requires minimal effort and is designed to ​integrate​ seamlessly with Kameleoon without requiring additional actions.

Key benefits for our users:

  • Ability to evaluate the impact of running A/B tests on KPIs and therefore iterate more quickly by identifying new testing hypotheses
  • Can automatically capture additional experiment metrics to build new segments in Heap without relying on development teams
  • Able to understand the effect of personalizations on the entire customer journey in Heap reports

Heap Kameleoon integrationHeap is just one of many integrations we support within Kameleoon, all designed to allow marketers and product owners to get more insights through the tools they use daily, and to therefore drive conversions and revenues faster. To learn more, visit our integrations page:

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