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6 Experimentation influencers in e-commerce you need to follow in 2022

August 25, 2022

We published a list of the 60 top influencers in A/B testing you need to follow. As a continuation, this list puts together the top experimentation thought leaders in e-commerce and retail in 2022.

The last several years have seen hyper-growth in online retail. The pandemic created the perfect storm for e-commerce to thrive. But as the economy begins to cool down from its pandemic high, e-commerce retailers are feeling the pinch. Brands that fail to understand their customers and their problems will have serious issues retaining them as consumers tighten their purse strings and reduce spending on non-necessities.  

To survive and grow, organizations need to hear what e-commerce experts have to say about practices, trends, and tools for optimization. That's why Kameleoon put together this list of the top experts in e-commerce. 

All experts on this list have: 

  • Recently spoken at events dedicated to optimization
  • Published articles, papers, or books in the field of experimentation
  • Regularly post content on social media related to A/B testing, and/or have a large audience of followers and subscribers 


Additionally, these influencers either self-identify as e-commerce experts or have a significant body of work related to the industry. This list also weighs voices active in English-speaking markets. 

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Experimentation influencers in e-commerce

Val Geisler

1. Val Geisler

Val Geisler is the Customer Advocacy Lead at Klaviyo. Before joining the Klaviyo team, Val was an email marketing consultant for B2B and B2C brands. She was also formerly the CEO of Fix My Churn, an agency specializing in helping SaaS and ecommerce companies reduce churn and increase customer retention and loyalty.

You should follow Val because she knows email marketing and experimentation back to front. Val has ideas you'll want to hear if you want to improve how your company handles customer communication, approaches customer retention, and optimizes the customer experience. 

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Where to find Val’s thoughts on customer experience, email marketing, and optimization:


Rishi Rawat

2. Rishi Rawat

Rishi is the founder of Frictionless Commerce, an agency that specializing in helping online retailers optimize Shopify product pages. He frequently appears on podcasts and in marketing media to tell the world about his unique, hyper-focused approach to experimentation.

You should follow Rishi because product pages and the copy within them are extremely important, but rarely get the attention they deserve. Rishi gives this part of the website the oxygen it needs while also providing insights about optimization more broadly.

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Where to find Rishi’s thoughts on e-commerce product page optimization:



Ekta Chopra

3. Ekta Chopra

Ekta is the Chief Digital Officer at ELF Beauty. She is a thought leader on inclusivity in experimentation and has spoken on the issue with Experiment Nation, CRO Cafe, and more.

You should follow Ekta because she has a diverse and varied career in e-commerce and digital optimization. She cares deeply about inclusivity in business. Her thought leadership isn’t one-dimensional. She shares ideas on how businesses need to be open and diverse.

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Where to find Ekta’s thoughts on diversity, inclusion, and digital experimentation:


 Marianne Sternvall

4. Marianne Stjernvall

Marianne is Head of Customer Growth & Personalization at Coop Sverige, a major Swedish retail chain. She also founded and currently runs the independent consulting firm Queen of CRO and is an advisor to, a predictive analytics startup.

You should follow Marianne because she’s a leader in the growing field of CRO AI. She’s at the forefront of understanding how machine learning and artificial intelligence tools can help testers analyze data better and find new ways to predict customer behavior.

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Where to find Marianne’s thoughts on A/B testing, CRO, and e-commerce experimentation:



5. Casandra Campbell

Casandra heads experimentation at Shopify as Senior Experimentation and Analysis Lead. She has been a guest on CRO.CAFE, Experiment Nation, keynote speaker at CXL Live, and other industry podcasts. She also sat on the jury of this year's Experimentation Culture Awards. 

You should follow Casandra because she cares deeply about experimentation in e-commerce. She’s developed a stable of powerful techniques and a unique perspective on experimentation that she wants to share with the world, including a proven recipe for crafting data-informed testing hypotheses. 

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Where to find Casandra’s thoughts on A/B testing and experimentation:


 Luis Trindade

6. Luis Trindade

Luis is the Principal Product Manager for Experimentation at Farfetch, a global platform for the luxury industry whose experimentation program and team have been recognized as the In-House Experimentation Team Of The Year 2022 by Experimentation Elite and an Experimentation Culture Award in 2020. He’s also a Lead Mentor at Dream Assembly, a fashion and retail tech accelerator.

You should follow Luis because he knows experimentation has value in many different ways. You can use it to drive growth, but you can also use it to prevent losses and reduce churn. In addition, Luis knows how to tease out under-appreciated insights from testing in ways other experimenters sometimes haven’t considered.

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Where to find Luis’s thoughts on A/B testing and experimentation:

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