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82 influencers in A/B testing you need to know in 2021

82 influencers in A/B testing that you need to know in 2021

March 30, 2021
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1 How we created this list

A/B testing is an exciting and rapidly developing field, and testing professionals everywhere are looking for thought leadership that can help them raise the bar on their experimentation programs. To that end, we’ve prepared this list of 82 influencers in A/B testing in 2021.

We selected the experts on this list based on their overall profile in the industry, recent publications, conference speaking engagements in 2020 (including online), and social media. We've listed them alphabetically and refrained from including anyone that works for Kameleoon itself!

To give you a sense of the expertise these influencers bring to A/B testing, we’ve included a Noteworthy Content section for each, featuring relevant articles, interviews, podcast appearances, and conference presentations. You can also connect with these thought leaders via the links to their social media profiles and websites.

This list includes many of the top experts on A/B testing today, but we know it’s not definitive. Know of someone who you think should be included here? Drop us a line to

2 Individuals influencing the A/B testing industry today

1. Michael Aagard

Michael Aagard

Former Senior Conversion Optimizer for Unbounce turned independent CRO consultant, Michael Aagard is a conversion optimizer who has been a fixture in the CRO space since 2008. He’s also an international keynote speaker, delivering engaging presentations at conferences like CXL and Conversions @ Google, as well as a public speaking coach. Check out his wildlife photos.

Noteworthy content

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2. Mark Abraham

Mark Abraham

Mark Abraham founded the Global Personalization practice at Boston Consulting Group (BCG) GAMMA, where he is now Senior Partner & Managing Director. Mark’s team of data scientists, marketers, martech consultants, and change management experts has helped companies like Starbucks, H&M, and Google advance their personalization strategies.

Noteworthy content

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3. Els Aerts

Els Aerts

Known as "the Queen of User Research," Els Aerts is a fixture on the international conference speaking circuit and a highly regarded thought leader on user research and testing. As Co-founder and Managing Partner of AGConsult, a Belgium-based usability and conversion optimization company, she possesses over 20 years of experience in the field.

Noteworthy content

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4. Tobias Ahlin

Tobias Ahlin

Tobias Ahlin is the former UI/UX Director for Minecraft and the current Staff Designer for GitHub. He is also a product designer, coach, and speaker at Tappily. A frequent conference speaker at industry events like Growth Marketing Conference, Tobias shares best practices on A/B testing at his blog.

Noteworthy content

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5. Gustaf Alströmer

Gustaf Alstromer

Previously the head of Product and Growth at Airbnb, Gustaf Alströmer is now a Group Partner at Y Combinator, where he regularly advises startups on effective growth strategies. He is also an investor and advisor at Tictail. Prior to joining Airbnb, Gustaf was the VP of Growth at Voxer.

Noteworthy content

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6. Tim Ash

Tim Ash

Tim Ash is a bestselling author and top-rated international keynote speaker at major industry events like Dreamforce and Conversion Conference. He is the author of Landing Page Optimization: The Definitive Guide to Testing and Tuning for Conversions as well as the founder and former chair of the worldwide Digital Growth Unleashed conference series.

Noteworthy content

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7. Ed Baker

Ed Baker

As former VP of Growth at Uber and Head of International Growth at Facebook, Ed Baker brings some serious chops to the A/B testing space. He is now an angel investor and growth advisor to various startups including Lime, Zwift, Whoop, Crimson Education, GoPeer, and Playbook.

Noteworthy content

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8. Eytan Bakshy

Eytan Bakshy

Eytan Bakshy is Director & Principal Scientist at Facebook, where he built out their Adaptive Experimentation team from scratch. He contributed to “Top Challenges from the first Practical Online Controlled Experiments Summit,” an influential paper among experimentation professionals. Eytan frequently publishes thought leadership on a range of topics including Bayesian optimization and learning as well as causal inference and experimentation.

Noteworthy content:

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9. Alex Birkett

Alex Birkett

As Hubspot’s Senior Growth Marketing Manager, Alex is a user acquisition expert, agency co-founder, and conference speaker who regularly blogs about best practices on A/B testing, growth marketing, and productivity on his personal website. Together with his colleagues at Omniscient Digital, Alex hosts The Long Game—a podcast featuring interviews with marketing leaders on the models, learnings, and techniques that help their businesses flourish.

Noteworthy content:

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10. Ben Bloom

Ben Bloom

Ben Bloom is a Senior Director Analyst for Marketing Technology and Emerging Fields at Gartner, where he not only covers how digitally proficient brands drive growth but he also serves as a consultant, strategist, and a client-side team leader. In addition to the industry analyst reports and blog posts he contributes for Gartner, Ben shares his thought leadership at places like The Martech Show and Customer Think.

Noteworthy content

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11. Morgan Brown

Morgan Brown

Morgan Brown is the VP of Growth at Shopify and the author of Hacking Growth: How Today's Fastest-Growing Companies Drive Breakout Success. Prior to joining Shopify, Morgan was the Director of Product Management at Facebook. He also regularly gives talks on growth hacking around the globe, speaking at conferences like GrowthHackers and CXL.

Noteworthy content

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12. Scott Brinker

Scott Brinker

Scott Brinker is the VP for Hubspot’s platform ecosystem and runs the Chief Marketing Technologist blog. He is also the founding chair of the MarTech conference series as well as the marketing tech stack awards known as The Stackies. Scott is also the author of the best-selling book Hacking Marketing: Agile Practices to Make Marketing Smarter, Faster, and More Innovative.

Noteworthy content

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13. Alistair Croll

Alistair Croll

Alistair Croll is the co-author of Lean Analytics, a book on how to use data to build a better start-up. Originally a product manager by trade, he specializes in identifying how data-driven decision-making can enable startup acceleration. Alistair has also helped launch several major conferences such as O'Reilly's Strata, Techweb's Cloud Connect, Interop's Enterprise Cloud Summit, the International Startup Festival, and GigaOm's Structure.

Noteworthy content

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14. Brian Cugelman

Brian Cugelman

A self-described “geeky scientist into applied psychology,” Brian Cugelman applies both data science and psychological insights to the courses he teaches at Alterspark’s Behavioral Design Academy. Brian is also a lecturer on health behavior change technology as well as UXD and product development, and he previously served as the Canadian government’s Senior Evaluation Analyst for Behavior Change Programs.

Noteworthy content

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15. Simon Dahla

Simon Dahla

Simon Dahla is the User Growth Lead at Spotify and before that, he was the Head of Online Experiments (A/B Testing) at Conversionista. He regularly speaks about experimentation and conversion optimization at industry events such as Growth Marketing Summit and Conversions @ Google.

Noteworthy content

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16. Dana DiTomaso

Dana DiTomaso

Dana DiTomaso is President and Partner of KickPoint, a digital marketing agency that helps companies optimize the impact of their marketing investment. Dana is also an experienced international keynote speaker and panelist for Moz, Learn Inbound, and Search Marketing Expo. In addition, she serves as a technology columnist for CBC Edmonton.

Noteworthy content

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17. Tammy Duggan-Herd

Tammy Duggan-Herd

Dr. Tammy Duggan-Herd is Hubspot Academy’s Principal Inbound Strategist. Originally a psychology researcher by trade before becoming a marketing strategist, she has a Ph.D. in Social Psychology. Prior to joining Hubspot, she was Director of Marketing at Campaign Creators. Tammy can often be seen sharing thought leadership and best practices on inbound methodologies at conferences like INBOUND and CXL.

Noteworthy content

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18. Jeffrey Eisenberg

Jeffrey Eisenberg

Jeffrey Eisenberg is a marketing optimization expert. He co-authored two New York Times bestsellers, Call to Action: Secret Formulas to Improve Online Results and Waiting for Your Cat to Bark, with his brother Bryan. He has also written for GrokDotCom, eMarketing & Commerce Magazine, and Forbes.

Noteworthy content

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19. John Ekman

John Ekman

Since his early days at Accenture, John Ekman has been in working in the optimization space since 1996. He founded Conversionista, a prominent CRO firm in Sweden that was acquired by the Scandanavia consultancy Curamondo, where he is now partner. Today, John, through his role at Conversionista, is a member of GO Group Digital, an international network of digital experimentation agencies. If that wasn't enough, John organizes and hosts Conversion Jam every year.

Noteworthy content

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20. Aleksander Fabijan

Aleksander Fabijan

As one of the co-authors behind Microsoft’s influential Experimentation Evolution Model, Aleksander Fabijan has profoundly influenced the field of A/B testing. In his current role as a data scientist at Microsoft, Aleksander is part of the team that’s responsible for one of the largest and most cutting-edge online experimentation systems in the industry.

Noteworthy content:

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21. James Flory

James Flory

James Flory is the Director of Experimentation Strategy at Widerfunnel and a Senior Manager for Experimentation at GO Group Digital. He teaches experimentation courses and shares conversion optimization best practices in webinars, podcasts, and in interviews.

Noteworthy content

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22. Oli Gardner

Oli Gardner

A highly respected expert on landing page optimization, Oli Gardner is the co-founder of Unbounce. He is also a top-rated speaker on conversion-centered design, regularly appearing at conferences like INBOUND, Conversion Conference, Growth Marketing Conference, and ConversionXL Live.

Noteworthy content

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23. Ryan Garner

Ryan Garner

Ryan Garner is the Co-founder of Clearhead, Accenture Interactive's Experience Design and Optimization offering. Prior to joining Accenture, he was the VP of Direct-to-Consumer Sales at Warner Music Group and the Product Manager for Loyalty at JetBlue.

Noteworthy content

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24. Georgi Georgiev

Georgi Georgiev

Author of Statistical Methods in Online A/B Testing, an essential text on A/B testing, Georgi Georgiev has shared his specialized tools for web analysts and A/B testers at the Analytics Toolkit since 2012. He is also the Owner and Manager of Web Focus LLC, a boutique online marketing company specializing in SEO, SEM, web analytics, web usability, and statistics. He was previously a Statistics Instructor at CXL Institute.

Noteworthy content

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25. Karl Gilis

Karl Gilis

Karl Gilis is a conversion optimization expert and a frequent keynote speaker on CX, UX, & CRO. Along with fellow influencer Els Aerts, he co-founded AGConsult, a Belgium-based user research, usability and conversion optimization agency. He is also a prolific conference speaker and conference lecturer on customer centricity, usability, conversion optimization, and evidence-based business growth.

Noteworthy content

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26. Chris Goward

Chris Goward

As founder of Widerfunnel, Chris Goward is a leading expert on testing and experimentation. He is also the author of You Should Test That!, a significant book in the realm of conversion optimization. He also introduced the LIFT Model®, a framework for analyzing web and mobile experiences and developing A/B test hypotheses. Chris co-founded GO Group Digital, a network of international digital marketing agencies. 

Noteworthy content

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27. Alex Harris

Alex Harris

With over seven thousand different A/B and multivariate split tests for both B2B & B2C to his name, Alex Harris is an experienced conversion optimization consultant. As CRO Director at Perficient Digital as well as as an independent consultant, Alex helps his clients maximize ROI through improved website design. His podcast, Happy Growth, highlights how personal growth supports professional development.

Noteworthy content:

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28. Guido X Jansen

Guido X Jansen

Guido X Jansen is the host and producer of CRO Cafe, an influential weekly podcast featuring experts in the field of conversion rate optimization. Originally a cognitive psychologist, Guido now also serves on the Magento Association board and regularly speaks about innovating the customer experience at global conferences, workshops, and seminars.

Noteworthy content

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29. Jakub Kaplan

Jakub Kaplan

As Senior Product Manager for Technical Experimentation at WebLab, Jakub Kaplan owns the roadmap and execution for Amazon's internal experimentation platform. In his role there, Jakub helps businesses across Amazon make better decisions and generate high quality learnings from their experiments.

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30. Nils Kattau

Nils Kattau

Nils Kattau built Europe's 2nd largest CRO firm and has conducted over 2,000 A/B tests with more than 300 clients over the course of his long career in the CRO space. He has won multiple best speaker awards at renowned marketing conferences. Nils has gone on to found the digital family, an e-learning platform and network for advanced marketing.

Noteworthy content

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31. Ronny Kohavi

Ronny Kohavi

Ronny Kohavi is a luminary in the field of A/B testing and experimentation. He’s known for having built Microsoft’s experimentation platform and co-authoring Trustworthy Online Controlled Experiments: A Practical Guide to A/B Testing with Diane Tang and Ya Xu. He also received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Experimentation Culture Awards. Until recently, Ronny was Vice President and Technical Fellow at Airbnb.

Noteworthy content

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32. Pete Koomen

Pete Koomen

Pete Koomen is the Co-founder of Optimizely, a leading A/B testing platform. He co-wrote A/B Testing: The Most Powerful Way to Turn Clicks Into Customers, a guide for marketers and web professionals on how to drive conversion through data-driven decision-making, with Dan Siroker. Before co-founding Optimizely, Pete was a Product Manager for Google’s App Engine.

Noteworthy content

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33. Steve Krug

Steve Krug

Steve Krug is a UX and usability expert and consultant. He is best known as the author of Don’t Make Me Think: A Common Sense Approach to Web Usability and Rocket Surgery Made Easy, which were based on the knowledge he accumulated while spending over 25 years as a usability consultant for clients like Apple,,, NPR, and the IMF. In addition to writing and consulting, he teaches master classes on usability testing.

Noteworthy content

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34. Ben Labay

Ben Labay

Ben Labay is Managing Director at Speero by CXL and a frequent speaker on research and experimentation. Originally a research scientist specializing in statistics and data science, Ben now applies his interdisciplinary curiosity and expertise to experimentation and customer experience research for Speero’s global clients. Ben can often be seen contributing his thought leadership in webinars, blog posts, and conference appearances for CXL and other leaders in the CRO space.

Noteworthy content

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35. Peep Laja

Peep Laja

Peep Laja is a leading experimentation and optimization expert. He is the founder of CXL, where marketers can learn best practices from the most successful practitioners in the space. He is also a board member at Speero, CXL’s agency, and the founder of Wynter, a product messaging testing company. In addition to frequently appearing at conferences across the globe, Peep regularly interviews industry thought leaders and entrepreneurs on his YouTube channel, The Pe:p Show.

Noteworthy content

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36. Luc Levesque

Luc Levesque

As VP of Growth at Shopify, Luc Levesque is responsible for executing effective growth marketing strategies at one of the most important eCommerce platforms in the world. Before Luc joined Shopify, Mark Zuckerberg recruited him to build out a new organization within Facebook that was charged with growing specific user cohorts for the platform. Luc is also an advisor at Pinterest, Twitter, and Quora.

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37. Jakub Linowski

Jakub Linowski

Jakub Linowski is Chief Editor of GoodUI, where he creates thought leadership on evidence-based UI design. As part of that work, he highlights best practices from A/B tests that leading companies like Microsoft, Thomasnet, Backstage, and Yummly have run. He is also Founder and Lead Designer at Linowski Interactive Design, a consulting firm that specializes in UI sketching, design, prototyping, evaluation, and CRO.

Noteworthy content

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38. Jonny Longden

Jonny Longden

As Co-founder & Conversion Director at Journey Further, a consultancy and training firm, Jonny Longden helps businesses put data and experimentation at the heart of their development operations. He also regularly speaks, writes, and presents on A/B testing, experimentation, and eCommerce digital marketing. Jonny was previously Head of Digital Experimentation for the Sky television network.

Noteworthy content

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39. Jon MacDonald

Profile photo of Jon MacDonald

Known for his regular podcasts, writing, and live CRO teardowns, Jon is the founder of the e-commerce conversion rate and customer experience optimization advisory, The Good. He cut his teeth in interactive design and is now an active advocate for brands building business-centric, data-driven UX and design CRO programs.

Noteworthy content:

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40. Shiva Manjunath

Shiva Manjunath

Shiva Manjunath is Gartner’s CRO Marketing Manager. An advocate for testing and experimentation, he shares his thought leadership on webinars and podcasts such as Experiment Nation. Prior to joining Gartner, Shiva was a Senior Website Optimization Specialist at Norwegian Cruise Line.

Noteworthy content

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41. David Mannheim

David Mannheim

David Mannheim founded User Conversion, one of the UK’s largest independent conversion optimisation consultancies, before selling it to Brainlabs Digital. He now serves as Global VP of CRO at Brainlabs. He also teaches a course on advanced conversion rate optimization for the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

Noteworthy content

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42. Brian Massey

Brian Massey

Brian Massey is the founder of Conversion Sciences, a CRO firm that specializes in A/B testing. Author of Your Customer Creation Equation, a foundational text for marketing managers, Brian is also a gifted speaker on conversion rate optimization best practices who regularly appears in his trademark lab coat at conferences like CXL, Conversion Jam, and ConversionSummit.

Noteworthy content

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43. Colin McFarland

Colin McFarland

Colin McFarland heads up Netflix’s experimentation platform, which is charged with democratizing experimentation across the entire organization. He is also the author of Experiment!: Website Conversion Rate Optimization With A/B and Multivariate Testing. Colin’s team regularly shares research on their learnings and best practices, presenting recent findings at leading conferences like MIT CODE.

Noteworthy content

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44. James McCormick

James McCormick

As Forrester’s Principal Analyst on digital and mobile marketing analytics and customer engagement tactics and strategies, James McCormick is a noted expert on digital customer analytics, insights, AI, and experience. As well as writing the Forrester Wave™: Experience Optimization Platforms, Q4 2020 report he regularly speaks and presents on effective growth strategies such as personalization as well as AI technologies that enhance the digital experience.

Noteworthy content

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45. Jane-Anne Menella

Jane-Anne Menella

Jane-Anne Menella is Vice President, CX, UX, Customer Research/Insights Analyst at Gartner, where she regularly advises executives on effective CX and UX strategies while contributing original research on customer research and insights, digital testing and optimization, and CX/UX. Prior to joining Gartner, Jane-Anne was Director of Customer Insight and Optimization for Global eCommerce at the Wyndham Hotel Group.

Noteworthy content

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46. Mary Mesaglio

Mary Mesaglio

Mary Mesaglio is a Distinguished Analyst and Research VP for the CEO & Digital Futures Team at Gartner. She writes, presents, and speaks internationally on how enterprises and their leaders must accelerate their digital transformation. She also writes extensively on how to develop a creative culture and leverage neuroscience to lead change behaviors.

Noteworthy content

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47. André Morys

Andre Morys

André has been a pioneer in digital growth and experimentation since 1996, when he founded konversionsKRAFT—a business optimization consulting firm that hosts the influential Growth Marketing Summit in Frankfurt am Main, Germany every year. André is also co-founder of GO Group Digital, an international network of more than 250 consultants that when combined possess the largest collection of optimization data in the world.

Noteworthy content

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48. John Myles White

John Myles White

John Myles White is the author of Bandit Algorithms for Website Optimization, a primer on bandit algorithms as well as a technical manual on how to correctly implement them. He is an Engineering Manager in Facebook’s data infrastructure organization. Prior to joining Facebook, John was on the research team at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL).

Noteworthy content

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49. Rhett Norton

Rhett Norton

As the former Optimization Consulting Team Lead at Adobe, Rhett Norton has deep experience in the A/B testing space. He is currently an optimization and experimentation consultant and public speaker, offering CRO video training courses and free A/B testing tips at

Noteworthy content

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50. Rich Page

Rich Page

Rich Page is the author of Website Optimization: An Hour a Day, a step-by-step guide to executing a website testing and experimentation plan. An independent consultant with 15 years of experience in CRO and web analytics, Rich created the top-rated CRO course on Udemy. Prior to becoming an independent CRO consultant, Rich was a Conversion Solution Specialist at Adobe.

Noteworthy content

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51. Stephen Pavlovich

Stephen Pavlovich

Stephen Pavlovich is one of the best-known experts in the CRO and experimentation industry. He is the Founder and Managing Director of Conversion (how about that domain), the UK's largest experimentation, and conversion optimization agency. He regularly speaks at leading conferences such as CXL and shares his thought leadership in interviews and podcast appearances.

Noteworthy content

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52. Jennifer Polk

Jennifer Polk

As Chief of Research and VP of Marketing and Communications for Gartner, Jennifer Polk advises CMOs and marketing leaders on strategies to maximize value through digital commerce strategy, targeted messaging, and personalized digital experiences. LinkedIn also recently named her as one of 16 Brilliant Thinkers to Follow. Prior to joining Gartner, Jennifer was VP of Digital at Edelman.

Noteworthy content

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53. Silver Ringvee

Silver Ringvee

Silver Ringvee is Speero’s CTO. At his Reflective Data blog, he and other industry experts regularly contribute thought leadership about A/B testing, Google Analytics, and data visualization. Silver has a deep engineering and entrepreneurial background, having served as a full stack web developer and co-founder of several e-commerce sites before joining Speero.

Noteworthy content

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54. Kalid Saleh

Khalid Saleh

Kalid Saleh is an experienced A/B testing consultant and thought leader. He is CEO and Co-founder of Invesp, an experimentation and conversion rate optimization firm based in North America that runs experimentation programs for eCommerce and SaaS companies. Khalid is also CEO at FigPii, a CRO tool that visualizes user activity, records user behavior, and runs A/B tests.

Noteworthy content

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55. Chad Sanderson

Chad Sanderson

Currently Head of Product for Convoy’s Data Platform Team, Chad Sanderson is an expert on the subject of digital experimentation and analysis at scale. A former Senior Program Manager for Analysis and Experimentation at Microsoft, Chad also regularly shares best practices on CRO experimentation and A/B testing at CXL and The Pe:p Show.

Noteworthy content

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56. Rommil Santiago

Rommil Santiago

Rommil Santiago is the author of Sprinting to show value: How to survive launching an experimentation program and the Product Management Lead for Experimentation and Personalization at Loblaw Digital. He also regularly welcomes industry experts, a/b testing practitioners, and thought leaders on his podcast and website, Experiment Nation. Rommil also offers experimentation and testing courses on Skillshare and Udemy.

Noteworthy content

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57. Joost de Schepper

Joost de Schepper

Joost de Schepper is the Associate Director for Premium Conversion Optimization at Spotify. Joost is also a regular public speaker, having given keynotes at the Experimentation Culture Awards and Conversion Hotel in addition to speaking at the Growth Marketing Conference. Before joining Spotify, Joost was Head of Analytics at Conversionista.

Noteworthy content

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58. Angie Schottmuller

Angie Schottmuller

Recognized by Forbes as a Top Online Marketing Expert to Follow and by Forbes as a Top Online Marketing Influencer to Follow, Angie Schottmuller is a frequent international keynote speaker on growth marketing and an inbound marketing thought leader. At her consulting firm Interactive Artisan, Angie helps organizations optimize their ROI on their existing marketing efforts through data-driven strategies.

Noteworthy content

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59. Michael Schrage

Michael Schrage

Michael Schrage is the author of The Innovator’s Hypothesis: How Cheap Experiments Are Worth More Than Good Ideas, an influential text on A/B testing and experimentation. An internationally known author and consultant, Michael currently serves as Co-director of the MIT Media Lab's E-Markets Initiative, and he is a senior adviser to MIT's Security Studies Program.

Noteworthy content

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60. Bart Schutz

Bart Schutz

Bart Schutz is not only a CRO expert, but he also brings his considerable knowledge on consumer psychology and the behavioral sciences to bear on behalf of his clients at Online Dialogue, the CRO agency he co-founded in 2009. Bart regularly gives keynotes on consumer psychology, persuasion, CRO, and digital growth at conferences around the globe.

Noteworthy content

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61. Krista Seiden

Krista Seiden

A respected analytics master, Krista Seiden is Founder & Principal Consultant at KS Digital. She has led Analytics & Growth at companies such as Adobe, The Apollo Group, and Google. Krista is a frequent speaker at global digital marketing and analytics conferences including Conversion Conference and Growth Marketing Conference. Krista also recently released a new series of courses on GA4.

Noteworthy content

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62. Hiten Shah

Hiten Shah

Hiten Shah is the co-founder and CEO of KISSmetrics, a hugely influential web and mobile analytics platform, and the Co-owner of Crazy Egg. He currently serves as Co-founder and CEO of FYI. He’s also an investor in, and advisor to, over 150 companies.

Noteworthy content

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63. Elliot Shmukler

Elliot Shmukler

As the former Chief of Growth for Instacart, VP of Product and Growth for Wealthfront, and Senior Director of Product Management for LinkedIn, Elliot Shmukler has deep experience in data-driven product optimization. Most recently, he is the founder and CEO of Anomalo, an AI data validation and documentation solution for developers.

Noteworthy content

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64. Steven Shyne

Steven Shyne

Steven Shyne is the Co-Founder & COO at CXperts Inc, a consulting firm that offers a blend of CX and UX services. Before joining CXperts, he was the Director of CX at Atypical Digital and a Senior CX Strategist for 6D Global Technologies.

Noteworthy content

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65. Dan Siroker

Dan Siroker

Dan Siroker is the co-founder and Executive Chairman of Optimizely, a well-known testing and experimentation platform. Author of A/B Testing: The Most Powerful Way to Turn Clicks Into Customers, Dan is also CEO at Scribe AI. Before founding Optimizely, he served as Director of Analytics for Obama for America.

Noteworthy content

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66. Aleyda Solís

Aleyda Solis

Aleyda Solís is an international SEO consultant, founder of boutique SEO consultancy Orainti, an internationally recognized bilingual speaker at more than 20 conferences, and a highly regarded thought leader whose posts appear at Search Engine Land, Search Engine Journal, and Moz. She was also awarded European Search Personality of the Year in 2018. Aleyda’s first English-language book, The Fruitful Consultant, is due out in Q1 2021.

Noteworthy content

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67. Marianne Stjernvall

Marianne Stjernvall

Known as The Queen of CRO, Marianne Stjernvall is a well-known CRO expert. Previously CRO lead at travel company TUI, she is currently the Head of Customer Growth and Personalization at Coop Sverige, where she helps organizations grow their data-driven web development and foster an experimental culture. She also gives classes, lectures, and workshops on CRO

Noteworthy content

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68. Michael St Laurent

Michael St Laurent

Michael St Laurent is an experimentation thought leader and A/B testing expert who currently heads up experimentation strategy and product development at Widerfunnel, a conversion rate optimization and experimentation firm. Michael is also the Head of Product at Liftmap, an experiment program management tool.

Noteworthy content

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69. Craig Sullivan

Craig Sullivan

Craig Sullivan is Optimiser in Chief at Optimal Visit, a London-based CRO consulting firm. A UX and usability expert with deep expertise in A/B and multivariate testing, he shares thought leadership and best practices at Econsultancy, Conversion Conference, CXL, CRO Cafe, eMetrics, Etail, Drapers, and Internet World. He also regularly posts about new advancements in CRO on his Twitter account, @OptimiseOrDie.

Noteworthy content

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70. Diane Tang

Diane Tang

Diane Tang is a Google Fellow and the co-author of Trustworthy Online Controlled Experiments: A Practical Guide to A/B Testing with Ronny Kohavi and Ya Xu. She also contributed "Top Challenges from the First Practical Online Controlled Experiments Summit," a paper of interest to experimentation practitioners.

Noteworthy content

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71. Stefan Thomke

Stefan Thomke

Professor Stefan Thomke is the author of the books Experimentation Works: The Surprising Power of Business Experiments and Experimentation Matters: Unlocking the Potential of New Technologies for Innovation, two influential texts on best practices in business experimentation. He currently serves as the William Barclay Harding Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School and is a frequent speaker at international conferences.

Noteworthy content

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72. Lukas Vermeer

Lukas Vermeer

Lukas Vermeer is Director of Experimentation at, where he helps thousands of his colleagues run experiments. Lukas also lends his storytelling expertise as a prolific public speaker, appearing at conferences like Conversion Jam, Conversion Hotel, CXL, and the Experimentation Culture Awards. He is also the author of “Democratizing online controlled experiments at”

Noteworthy content

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73. Anna-Maria Virzi

Anna-Maria Virzi

As Principal Analyst at Gartner, Anna-Maria Virzi taps insights from Gartner's quantitative research and survey results to identify key trends for marketing leaders. Prior to joining Gartner, she held Executive Editor roles at ClickZ and Baseline Magazine.

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74. Raoul Warren Doraiswamy

Raoul Warren Doraiswarmy

Raoul Warren Doraiswamy is the Founder and Managing Director of Conversionry, a Melbourne-based CRO consulting firm specializing in eCommerce and retail. In 2020, he launched the COVID19 Conversion Rate Aid Package (aka #COVIDCRAP), an initiative in which CRO experts offered pro bono services to help struggling businesses stay afloat during the current global pandemic.

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75. Ton Wesseling

Ton Wesseling

Ton Wesseling is a leading expert in the A/B testing community. He is the Founder of Online Dialogue, ABtestguide, Conversion Hotel, the Experimentation Culture Awards and the Outperform Conference. He is a frequent keynote speaker at international conferences in addition to regularly teaching A/B testing workshops and master classes.

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76. Brendan Witcher

Brendan Witcher

Brendan Witcher is the Vice President / Principal Analyst for Business Strategy at Forrester. He is an industry expert on eCommerce and retail technology trends as well as best practices of interest to CRO professionals such as personalization. In addition to preparing research and serving as a strategic advisor to marketing leaders, Brendan shares his thought leadership in webinars and at conferences like Digital Summit.

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77. Matty Wishnow

Matty Wishnow

Matty Wishnow founded Clearhead, the world’s largest pure-play UX optimization agency before it was acquired by Accenture Interactive. He went on to serve as Managing Director for Experience Design and Optimization at Accenture Interactive for two years before co-founding Spinach, a growth consultancy.

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78. Talia Wolf

Talia Wolf

Talia Wolf is an internationally recognized conversion optimization consultant, trainer, and speaker. She is the Founder and Chief Optimizer at GetUplift. Talia is a prolific public speaker on conversion optimization, landing page optimization, and many other topics of interest to CRO professionals, regularly appearing on stages like ConversionXL Live, MozCon, Conversion Jam, and Conversions @ Google.

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79. Sandra Wu

Sandra Wu

Sandra Wu is Director of Growth at Himalaya, an audio-first educational platform featuring courses made with world-class experts and industry leaders. She is the founder of The Art of Content Marketing, regularly speaks at growth marketing conferences, and recently contributed her insights to the 2021 edition of The Mobile Growth Handbook 2021.

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80. Ya Xu

Ya Xu

Ya Xu co-authored Trustworthy Online Controlled Experiments: A Practical Guide to A/B Testing with Ronny Kohavi and Diane Tang. She has also contributed her expertise to influential papers such as "Top Challenges from the First Practical Online Controlled Experiments Summit." Ya is currently the VP of Engineering and Head of Leading Women in Tech (WIT) at LinkedIn. Prior to joining LinkedIn, she was a Senior Applied Researcher at Microsoft.

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81. Naoshi Yamauchi

Naoshi Yamauchi

Naoshi Yamauchi is Executive Consultant and Adviser to DURMC, an organization that provides strategic expertise in digital analytics, customer acquisition and retention strategies, A/B testing, and conversion rate optimization. Before joining DURMC, he was the VP of Analytics and Testing at Brooks Bell. He has accelerated CRO for Microsoft, American Express, Barnes & Noble, Comcast, Uber, FedEx, and Gap.

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82. Nima Yassini

Nima Yassini

Nima Yassini is the CEO and co-founder of New Republique, an experience optimization consultancy specializing in CRO, UX, and brand strategy. New Republique is a strategic partner at GO Group Digital, representing their leading CRO expertise in Australia and New Zealand. Nima also hosts the Digital Growth Hacking podcast.

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