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A/B testing influencers

60 influencers in A/B testing you need to follow in 2022

June 9, 2022

The field of A/B testing continues to evolve, and professionals looking to stay ahead need fresh ideas from thought leaders on the cutting edge. So, who are the current thought leaders in this space? Who can you follow to learn something new and insightful?

We researched hundreds of names to compile a list of the 60 top influencers in A/B testing in 2022.

How we picked these top influencers

Our team selected experts based on the quality of their content, their activity on social media, and their standing in the experimentation field. Criteria included:

  • Do they primarily work in A/B testing and experimentation?
  • Have they recently spoken at events dedicated to optimization?
  • Have they recently published articles, papers, or books in the field of experimentation?
  • Do they regularly post content on social media related to A/B testing?
  • Do they have a large audience of followers and subscribers?
  • This list also weighs voices active in English-speaking markets.


Finally, we also made it a priority to include more underrepresented voices. For example, women comprised 18 percent of our 2021 influencers list. This year, they make up 41 percent.

Inclusion onto or exclusion from the list is not a judgment about skill or experience. 

Dozens of world-class experimenters choose not to maintain a regular public presence. 

Instead, this list highlights "followability." It is meant to help readers who want to learn about trends in A/B testing from influential and active voices in the space. 

This year’s influencers are all below. They are presented in alphabetical order, per their last name. 

Do you think we miss anyone? See something we can improve on this list? Please let us know at [email protected] 

1 A/B testing influencers in experimentation



Els Aerts

Els Aerts

Els co-founded the CX firm AGConsult over twenty years ago. She is a regular speaker at international usability conferences and is nicknamed "the Queen of User Research."

You should follow Els because she has seen the disciplines of CRO, design, usability, and user experience change drastically over the last two decades. She’s passionate about drawing on her knowledge and experience to forecast where these fields might go in the years ahead.

Noteworthy content: The Lost Art of Asking Questions

Where to find Els’s thoughts on A/B testing and experimentation:



Eytan Bakshy

Eytan Bakshy

Eytan is a principal scientist at Meta and their Core Data Science Team Director. Before that, he was a research manager at Meta for over a decade. He contributed to “Top Challenges from the first Practical Online Controlled Experiments Summit,” an influential paper among experimentation professionals.

You should follow Eytan because he frequently publishes thought leadership on topics including Bayesian optimization, causal inference, and experimentation.

Noteworthy content: Preference Exploration for Efficient Bayesian Optimization with Multiple Outcomes

Where to find Eytan’s thoughts on A/B testing and experimentation:



Alex Birkett

Alex Birkett is the co-founder of Omniscient Digital, a content marketing agency. His blog is widely read for his dissections of current topics in experimentation and growth strategy. He is currently Senior Manager for Experimentation at Workato.

You should follow Alex because his long and varied career has led him to some interesting places and helped him develop many novel ideas. For example, at Hubspot, he helped invent a new organic strategy called the "surround sound strategy."

Noteworthy content: Growth experimentation, a/b testing frameworks, enterprise experimentation processes

Where to find Alex’s thoughts on A/B testing and experimentation:



Ruben de Boer

Ruben is a well-regarded leader in the experimentation and CRO world. He is the Lead Conversion Manager at the CRO agency Online Dialogue. He also runs his own firm, Conversion Ideas.

You should follow Ruben because he knows when to take a step back and put experimentation data in context. There’s a person behind the data that you need to connect with.

Noteworthy content: How to truly learn from your experiments: Meta-analysis done right

Where to find Ruben’s thoughts on A/B testing and experimentation:



Casandra Campbell

Casandra heads A/B testing at Shopify as Senior Experimentation and Analysis Lead. She has been a guest on CRO Cafe, Experiment Nation, and other industry podcasts and was an Experimentation Culture Awards jury member.

You should follow Casandra because she cares deeply about experimentation in eCommerce. She’s developed a stable of powerful techniques and a unique perspective on experimentation that she wants to share with the world.

Noteworthy content: How top e-commerce stores boost their A/B test success rateExperimentation at an e-commerce SaaS company

Where to find Casandra’s thoughts on A/B testing and experimentation:



Ekta Chopra

Ekta is the Chief Digital Officer at ELF Beauty. She is a thought leader on inclusivity in experimentation and has spoken on the issue with Experiment Nation, CRO Cafe, and more.

You should follow Ekta because she cares about both inclusivity and business and wants each to support the other. Her thought leadership isn’t one-dimensional. She shares ideas on how businesses need to be open and diverse.

Noteworthy content: Moving at E.L.F. speed

Where to find Ekta’s thoughts on A/B testing and experimentation:



John Ekman

John founded the Swedish CRO firm Conversionista, which was since acquired by Curamando, where he is now a partner. He’s since become a founding member of GO Group Digital, a global network of digital experimentation and testing firms. John also organizes and hosts Conversion Jam (CJam!) annually.

You should follow John because while his wit draws you in, his readers and viewers stay for his insights on such topics as high-value data and how to collect it. John’s strong opinions are peppered with the occasional salty language when he has a point he wants to make. He doesn’t have time for simplistic findings, and he thinks you shouldn’t either.

Noteworthy content: Optimize for retention with John Ekman

Where to find his thoughts on A/B testing and experimentation:



Aleksander Fabijan

Aleksander Fabijan is a senior product manager at Microsoft's Experimentation Platform team (ExP). He is a frequent conference speaker on A/B testing, data mining and software engineering topics, and a 2021 Experimentation Culture Award winner. Aleksander was previously a Senior Data Scientist at ExP where he has published over 30 conference papers on the topic of A/B testing. Most notably, he is the lead author of Microsoft’s influential Experimentation Evolution Model (Crawl-Walk-Run-Fly).

You should follow Aleksander because he has profoundly influenced the field of A/B testing. In his current role as a senior product manager at Microsoft, Aleksander is part of the team responsible for one of the largest and most cutting-edge online experimentation systems in the industry.

Noteworthy content: It takes a Flywheel to Fly: Kickstarting and Growing the A/B testing Momentum at ScaleDiagnosing Sample Ratio Mismatch in Online Controlled Experiments: A Taxonomy and Rules of Thumb for Practitioners 

Where to find Aleksanders’s thoughts on A/B testing and experimentation:



Sina Fak

Sina Fak

Sina is the Head of Optimization & Business Intelligence at ConversionAdvocates, a top-rated conversion rate optimization agency. He regularly shares his insights, based on years of optimizing, on LinkedIn, on podcasts and as a speaker at events.

You should follow Sina because quantity has a quality of its own, and Sina speaks from years of experience running tests for companies across all industries and maturity levels. Depending on the topic, he is as adept at explaining the step-by-step process of experimentation (pitfalls and all) as he is about strategy.

Noteworthy content: Why a strong foundation of research & analytics will push your business forward

Where to find Sina’s thoughts on A/B testing and experimentation: 



Guido X Jansen

Guido took his training as a cognitive psychologist and brought it to the world of experimentation. He now produces and hosts the influential CRO.CAFE podcast. He also works at Spryker: a modular, headless cloud platform-as-a-service for digital commerce where he’s the Global Business & Technology Evangelist.

You should follow Guido because his understanding of human psychology gives him a unique perspective on the value of experimentation and data. Guido’s enjoyment of talking to other industry professionals comes across in the CRO.CAFE podcast. If you’re looking for warm conversation and deep insights, Guido is worth a follow.

Noteworthy content: Often Confused Commerce Terms

Where to find Guido's thoughts on A/B testing and experimentation:



Ronny Kohavi

Ronny is one of the big names in A/B testing and experimentation. He is known for having led the Microsoft experimentation platform (ExP) whose members account for about 7% of the influencers on this list: Aleksander Fabijan, Somit Gupta, Chad Sanderson, and Ronny Kohavi. He also received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Experimentation Culture Awards. He’s currently a full-time consultant in Silicon Valley, previously working at Microsoft, Amazon, and Airbnb.

You should follow Ronny because he was one of the first to take a strong, scientific understanding of A/B testing and bring it to CX. He also loves to debunk myths about testing and experimentation.

Noteworthy content: 

Trustworthy Online Controlled Experiments: A Practical Guide to A/B Testing 

Controlled Experiments on the Web: Survey and Practical Guide

Practical Guide to Controlled Experiments on the Web: Listen to Your Customers not to the HiPPO

Where to find Ronny’s thoughts on A/B testing and experimentation:



Ben Labay

Ben Labay is the managing director of Speero and a regular speaker and podcast host on experimentation-related topics. Originally a research scientist specializing in statistics and data science, Ben now applies his interdisciplinary curiosity and expertise to experimentation and customer experience research.

You should follow Ben because he’s a prolific speaker and writer on UX, customer experience, experimentation, research in general, and change management within larger organizations. In addition, he regularly posts free videos and other content to his LinkedIn page.

Noteworthy content: From Data to Insights to Action. How to Code Qualitative Data

Where to find Ben’s thoughts on A/B testing and experimentation:



Tracy Laranjo

Tracy is a Senior Optimization Manager at DTC optimization agency, SplitBase. She previously led testing programs at Inkbox Tattoos and Willful.

You should follow Tracy because she asks other leading experts in the experimentation world your silly questions so you don't have to. On Experiment Nation: The Podcast, she uncovers what the pros have learned along the way in plain language for newbies (because we've all been there).

Noteworthy content: What 13 Years of A/B Testing Revealed with Rishi Rawat

Where to find Tracy’s thoughts on A/B testing and experimentation:



Jonny Longden

Jonny is the Co-founder & Conversion Director at Journey Further, a performance marketing agency. He leveraged his work helping Sky build its experimentation program to building a career improving the experimentation and analytics programs at companies like Visa, Nike, O2, Mvideo, Principal Hotels, and Nokia. He regularly speaks, writes, and presents on A/B testing, experimentation, and eCommerce digital marketing.

You should follow Jonny because of his ability to offer clear and persuasive opinions on experimentation. He surfaces practical challenges and champions the scientific method while consistently making it clear that, “doing a 'bit of CRO' is not enough.”

Noteworthy content: Busting the Common Myths about Testing for Conversion Rate OptimizationCustomer experience is more than just hygiene: time to dream a little bigger

Where to find Jonny’s thoughts on A/B testing and experimentation:



David Mannheim

David Mannheim is a longtime optimization consultant who founded User Conversion, a major UK CRO agency. Once his agency was acquired, he worked as Global VP of Conversion Rate Optimization at Brainlabs. Today, he shares his experiences in experimentation on LinkedIn and his newsletter.

You should follow David because he doesn’t hold back his opinions about the business of the A/B testing industry. While defending the rigor of professional A/B testing, David acknowledges there may be more art to the science than most optimizers care to admit. Passionate and creative, he doesn’t believe in forecasting revenue based on individual tests. If the experience is good, revenue will follow.

Noteworthy content: Why do we assume experimentation is about financial gain?

Where to find David’s thoughts on A/B testing and experimentation:



Shiva Manjunath

Shiva is currently a Senior Strategist at Speero. Previously, he was the Program Manager for Experimentation at Gartner. He regularly shares his thought leadership on webinars and podcasts like Experiment Nation, as well as posting content on Linkedin (including lots of experimentation memes). Shiva was also previously a Senior Website Optimization Specialist at Norwegian Cruise Line and Edible Arrangements.

You should follow Shiva because he understands experimentation isn’t about quick wins. Instead, Shiva thinks experimentation teams should focus on testing to learn, to better understand users and their behavior. Only by doing so can they generate truly valuable insights that drive results. Shiva also simplifies the conversation around experimentation so junior folks can better understand tips/tricks on running better experimentation programs. 

Noteworthy content: Abundance of data is great, but there has to be direction to itTips on running a Test-to-Learn Experimentation ProgramFrom A to B: Stories of Scaling Experimentation Programs 

Where to find Shiva’s thoughts on A/B testing and experimentation:



Brian Massey

Brian Massey is the managing partner at Conversion Sciences and is a frequent speaker and guest for experimentation events.

You should follow Brian because he’s a computer scientist by training who also just happens to have over 20 years of experience in digital marketing. Having worked in the field for so long, Brian not only can speak to stakeholder management but also how to use science to gather meaningful insights about customers.

Noteworthy content: The Fundamentals of Conversion Rate Optimization

Where to find Brian’s thoughts on A/B testing and experimentation: 



Colin McFarland

Colin McFarland is the director of Netflix’s experimentation platform and recently became their Core Data Science & Engineering Director. Multiple outlets have featured his work as case studies in A/B testing.

You should follow Colin because he likes to share good ideas about experimentation and leading teams. Experimenters looking to get into a leadership role can learn a lot from Colin.

Noteworthy content: Netflix: A Culture of LearningChasing Statistical Ghosts in Experimentation

Where to find Colin’s thoughts on A/B testing and experimentation:



André Morys

André Morys is the founder of Germany’s largest optimization agency and consultancy, konversionsKRAFT. Led by André, the agency is known for its work in behavioral science and for organizing the Growth Marketing Summit, an event featuring international thought leaders influencing experimentation. André is a university lecturer and a frequent panelist and conference speaker on experimentation and A/B testing topics. He co-founded GO Group Digital. 

You should follow André because he knows just as much about communicating the value of experimentation to senior executives at enterprise companies as he does about behavioral science.

Noteworthy content: Learn the 3 CX drivers that power growth

Where to find André’s thoughts on A/B testing and experimentation:



Bithika Mehra

Bithika does optimization and experimentation at the Mayo Clinic. She is also a regular speaker at industry events, including Experiment Nation's Unconference, and was a jury member for the 2021 Experimentation Culture Awards. In addition, she is a regular contributor to Experiment Nation podcasts.

You should follow Bithika because she cares about the intersection of usability and healthcare. Bithika knows how to navigate large, complex healthcare administrations and get things done in an industry that is still learning how best to do experimentation.

Noteworthy content: Bithika Mehra on partnering with HiPPOs and leveraging neuromarketing to drive conversion

Where to find Bithika’s thoughts on A/B testing and experimentation:



Shanelle Mullin

Shanelle has been with Shopify since 2017 and is currently their Experimentation and Analysis Lead. Previously, she was in charge of content and growth at ConversionXL.

You should follow Shanelle because she’s passionate about explaining complex marketing concepts to the world in plain English. She took a non-traditional route to marketing which gives her a unique perspective on the discipline.

Noteworthy content: Content Experimentation & Why a Formal Education is Not Required

Where to find Shanelle’s thoughts on A/B testing and experimentation:



Deborah Omalley

Deborah O’Malley

Deborah is the founder of GuessTheTest, where users have gamified A/B case studies and can put their assumptions to the test by guessing which version won. Writers, event organizers and podcast hosts regularly pick her brain for insights on optimization, of which she has plenty.

You should follow Deborah because her work encapsulates the principle that you should always test your assumptions and learn from data. The resources provided on GuessTheTest provide a solid groundwork to get started with optimization.

Noteworthy content: What's the best time to send an email? 

Where to find Deborah’s thoughts on A/B testing and experimentation:



Alan Page

Alan Page is a software testing expert with over two decades at Microsoft. He hosts the Modern Testing podcast and is currently Vice President of Engineering Services at Unity Technologies.

You should follow Alan because he has expert knowledge in various domains, including business leadership, Agile, Lean, infrastructure, CI/CD, and testing tools.

Noteworthy content: Three Paths to Better Developer Testing

Where to find Alan’s thoughts on A/B testing and experimentation:




BhavIK Patel

Bhavik Patel is the founder of the CRAP Talks community (Conversion Rate, Optimization, Analytics, and Product). The group runs meetups, a podcast, and has an active Slack channel. He also recently became the head of Product Analytics at Hopin.

You should follow Bhavik because he has experience across many industries, allowing him to compare and contrast what types of testing and analytics work in different situations.

Noteworthy content: The 5 stages of grief when an experiment loses

Where to find Bhavik’s thoughts on A/B testing and experimentation:



Stephen Pavlovich

Stephen is the Founder and Managing Director of, the UK's largest experimentation and conversion optimization agency. He also is the Managing Director at Bunnyfoot and is the Chief Strategy Officer at the Sideshow Group, which recently acquired Widerfunnel in North America. He regularly speaks at conferences such as CXL and shares his thought leadership in interviews and podcast appearances.

You should follow Stephen because he is one of the best-known experts in the CRO and experimentation industries.

Noteworthy content: Why your experimentation programme needs a risk profileWhy experimentation is at the heart of success in digital marketing

Where to find Stephen’s thoughts on A/B testing and experimentation:



Rommil Santiago

Rommil Santiago

Rommil is the author of Sprinting to Show Value: How to Survive Launching an Experimentation Program. He is currently the Growth Product Lead at Loblaw Digital. He regularly welcomes industry experts, A/B testing practitioners, and thought leaders on Experiment Nation's podcast and website. 

You should follow Rommil because he has over 20 years of marketing, testing, and product experience across a broad range of industries. If there’s something you need to know about those topics, then Rommil knows it and wants to share it. For his Experimentation Nation work, he recently won an Experimentation Culture Award.

Noteworthy content: How Wordle proves that Experimentation works

Where to find Rommil’s thoughts on A/B testing and experimentation:



Ayat Shukairy

Ayat Shukairy

Ayat is the founder of the marketing and optimization agency Invesp. She also co-founded and launched the growth hacking tool Figpii. With several decades of experience in CRO and A/B testing, she is regularly featured as a top expert in conferences and marketing media.

You should follow Ayat because she posts daily thoughts on LinkedIn about marketing strategies, testing, and CRO.

Noteworthy content: Seven lessons from running 22,000 AB tests with Ayat Shukairy

Where to find Ayat’s thoughts on A/B testing and experimentation:



Bart Schutz

Bart Schutz

Bart Schutz is the co-founder of CRO agency Online Dialogue and is the author of the consumer psychology book Wheel of Persuasion. In addition, Bart regularly gives keynotes on consumer psychology, persuasion, CRO, and digital growth at conferences around the globe.

You should follow Bart because he is not only a CRO expert, but he also brings his considerable knowledge of consumer psychology and the behavioral sciences to bear in his content.

Noteworthy content: Wheel of Persuasion; How to use psychology in CRO 

Where to find Bart’s thoughts on A/B testing and experimentation:



Marianne Sternvall

Marianne Stjernvall

Marianne is Head of Customer Growth & Personalization at Coop Sverige, a major Swedish retail chain. She also founded and currently runs the independent consulting firm Queen of CRO and is an advisor to, a predictive analytics startup.

You should follow Marianne because she’s a leader in the growing field of CRO AI. She’s at the forefront of understanding how machine learning and artificial intelligence tools can help testers analyze data better and find new ways to predict customer behavior.

Noteworthy content: Using AI segmentationCreating an experimental culture - in 6 steps

Where to find Marianne’s thoughts on A/B testing and experimentation:



Stephan Thomke

Stefan Thomke

Professor Thomke is the author of the books Experimentation Works: The Surprising Power of Business Experiments and Experimentation Matters: Unlocking the Potential of New Technologies for Innovation, two influential texts in business experimentation. He currently serves as the William Barclay Harding Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School and is a frequent speaker at international conferences.

You should follow Stefan because he knows that when it comes to improving a customer’s experience, testing new business models, or developing new products, even the most experienced CX veterans can get things wrong. He knows tried and true best practices that will work for any organization at any stage of testing maturity.

Noteworthy content: Experimentation Works: The Surprising Power of Business Experiments

Where to find Stefan’s thoughts on A/B testing and experimentation:



Luis Trindade

Luis Trindade

Luis is the Principal Product Manager for Experimentation at Farfetch, a global platform for the luxury industry whose experimentation program and team have been recognized as the In-House Experimentation Team Of The Year 2022 by Experimentation Elite and an Experimentation Culture Award in 2020. He’s also a Lead Mentor at Dream Assembly, a fashion and retail tech accelerator.

You should follow Luis because he knows experimentation has value in many different ways. You can use it to drive growth, but you can also use it to prevent losses. In addition, Luis knows how to tease out under-appreciated insights from testing in ways other experimenters sometimes haven’t considered.

Noteworthy content: Experimentation at Farfetch: An IntroductionHow to build a strong Experimentation Culture

Where to find Luis’s thoughts on A/B testing and experimentation:



Ton Wesseling

Ton Wesseling

Ton is the Founder of Online Dialogue and The Optimizers Community with events like The Conference (formerly known as Conversion Hotel) and the Experimentation Culture Awards. He is a frequent keynote speaker at international conferences and regularly teaches A/B testing workshops and master classes.

You should follow Ton because he is a leading expert in the A/B testing community. He likes to challenge industry conventions and help his audience decide what really matters in their testing programs.

Noteworthy content: Outperform your competitors by embracing evidence-based growth; Validation in every organization; The Evolution of Testing & Optimization: Looking Back and Looking Forward

Where to find Ton’s thoughts on A/B testing and experimentation:



Brendan Witcher

Brendan Witcher

Brendan Witcher is a Vice President and Principal Analyst for Digital Business Strategy at Forrester, focusing on digital transformation. In addition to preparing research and serving as a strategic advisor to marketing leaders, Brendan shares his thought leadership in webinars and at conferences like Digital Summit. He also maintains an active LinkedIn page where he shares his insights.

You should follow Brendan because he is an industry expert on eCommerce and retail technology trends and best practices of interest to CRO professionals, such as personalization.

Noteworthy content: The Future Of The Digital StoreAlign Strategy And Technology To Deliver Next-Gen Personalization

Where to find Brendan’s thoughts on A/B testing and experimentation:


Guido Jansen

2 A/B testing influencers in data & analytics



Ben Bloom

Ben Bloom

Ben Bloom is a Vice President, Analyst for Marketing Technology and Emerging Trends at Gartner, where he advises clients on marketing technology strategy, vendor selection, and the use of first-party customer data. In addition to the  written analysis, conference presentations, and blog posts he contributes for Gartner, Ben shares his thought leadership at places like The Martech Show and Customer Think.

You should follow Ben because he’s a self-professed realist regarding martech and adtech. He knows what the tools and methodologies today are capable of and, more importantly, what they’re not. He helps guide experimenters towards approaches that will yield the best real-world results.

Noteworthy content: Few “Genius” Brands Successfully Integrate Best-of-Breed Solutions Into a Cohesive Martech RoadmapCDPs and the Myth of the 360-Degree View of the Customer


Where to find Ben’s thoughts on A/B testing, data and analytics:


Dana DiTomaso

Dana DiTomaso is President and Partner of the marketing agency Kick Point Inc. She often discusses topics related to data at industry events and is a regular columnist with Canada’s CBC Radio.

You should follow Dana because she knows how to extract meaningful insights from the most unexpected corners of Google Analytics. If you want to get more out of GA4, Dana has lots of good ideas you should try.

Noteworthy content: A different kind of social media network is attracting users worldwideImproved Reporting & Analytics Within Google Tools

Where to find Dana’s thoughts on A/B testing, data and analytics:



Georgi Georgiev

Managing owner of Web Focus and creator of, Georgi has seventeen years of experience in online marketing, web analytics, statistics, and design of business experiments for hundreds of websites. He is the author of the book "Statistical Methods in Online A/B Testing" and white papers on statistical analysis of A/B tests, as well as a lecturer on dozens of conferences, seminars, and courses, including as a Google Regional Trainer.

You should follow Georgi because he understands the value of hard data in business decision-making and thinks you should too. Georgi thinks any team that wants to do testing would be well-served to understand how to build statistically rigorous experiments.

Noteworthy content: Top Misconceptions About Scientific Rigor in A/B Testing

Where to find Georgi’s thoughts on A/B testing, data and analytics:



Somit Gupta

Somit is a senior data scientist with Microsoft’s analysis and experimentation team. He has helped the MSN, Edge browser, Office, and Windows teams to innovate faster with trustworthy experimentation. In addition, Somit has co-lectured a tutorial on A/B Testing at KDD 2017 and conducted an evaluation of experiment results at KDD 2019, WSDM 2020, and WWW 2020.

You should follow Somit because he’s passionate about building responsible data-driven product decision-making cultures. He understands how analysis based on metrics should align with an organization's values, product goals, and customers’ success.

Noteworthy content: Challenges, Best Practices and Pitfalls in Evaluating Results of Online Controlled Experiments

Where to find Somit’s thoughts on A/B testing, data and analytics:



Juliana Jackson

Juliana has been working for more than 10 years in technology (SaaS & eCommerce). Known as "The CLV Lady", Juliana is a Customer Lifetime Value and Lifecycle Marketing evangelist, widely recognized for her contrarian approaches to opinion-based methodologies and "best practices". If we had one, we would put Juliana in a category dedicated to retention and product-led growth. But based on her subscribers, podcast, leadership position at CXL, and invitations to share her thoughts at experimentation-related events, we list her here. 

You should follow Juliana because she understands how to find the balance between qualitative and quantitative data. And how to synthesize both into understanding how customers think. If you listen to her Standard Deviation podcast, you’ll hear her ask probing questions of other experts that peel back some of the thorny issues in advanced data analytics.

Noteworthy content: Talking CLV, RFM, CAC and all things CustomerUsing First Party Data to Drive Customer Retention

Where to find Juliana’s thoughts on A/B testing, data and analytics:



James McCormick

James is the Vice President of Product Marketing and Strategy at Contentsquare. He is also a former longtime Principal Analyst at Forrester Research, where he focused on digital marketing analytics. He regularly speaks on customer analytics, the role of AI in that field, and the value of data in decision-making.

You should follow James because he understands the value of testing at both the tactical and strategic levels of business. From his time at Forrester, he’s formed strong opinions about how top companies use data, and he wants to share those ideas with experimentation teams around the world.

Noteworthy content: How to use data like the world’s most innovative companiesElevate Your Online Testing Program With A Continuous Optimization Approach

Where to find James’ thoughts on A/B testing, data and analytics:



Elise Maile

Elise Maile is a freelance CRO consultant. She has worked both in-house and agency side, across various industries including not-for-profit, travel and B2B. She has over eight years of experience in UX, personalization, and experimentation and a further nine years developing and designing websites before that. Elise was shortlisted for three Conversion Elite Awards in 2020.

You should follow Elise because her diverse background in design, development, and CRO gives her a unique perspective on how teams should carry out testing.

Noteworthy content: Trusting Your Gut in CRO; Yay or Nay?

Where to find Elise’s thoughts on A/B testing, data and analytics:



Marion Ranvier

Marion Ranvier

Marion is Web Accessibility Director at Contentsquare, where she helps coordinate web accessibility strategy across the entire organization. Previously, she was the founder and CEO of the startup AdaptMyWeb. Marion is also the first director of the Contentsquare Foundation, which she helped launch. Its mission is to raise awareness of the need for digital accessibility for people with disabilities.

You should follow Marion because she understands that data is a force for good in CX. Delivering valuable experiences is about more than your company’s bottom line. Marion can help you provide a meaningful experience for customers of all capabilities.

Noteworthy content: Contentsquare x AdaptMyWeb

Where to find Marion’s thoughts on A/B testing, data and analytics:


Chad Sanderson

Chad Sanderson is the Head of Product, Data Platform at Convoy Inc. He was previously on Microsoft’s ExP team and is currently an advisor for multiple VCs in the software space. He maintains an active LinkedIn profile with insights about data. Chad also regularly shares best practices on CRO experimentation and A/B testing at CXL and The Pe:p Show.

You should follow Chad because he takes an end-to-end view of experimentation. He hates tunnel vision. He wants to use data to follow complex workflows and pipelines to develop holistic understandings.

Noteworthy content: Trustworthy Data for Machine Learning 

Where to find Chad’s thoughts on A/B testing, data and analytics:



Michael Schrage

Michael Schrage is an internationally-known author and consultant. He currently serves as Co-director of the MIT Media Lab's E-Markets Initiative. In addition, he is a senior adviser to MIT's Security Studies Program and is also a Visiting Fellow at Imperial College in London.

You should follow Michael because he understands the behind-the-scenes behavioral economics and how it works in the real world. He is the author of The Innovator’s Hypothesis: How Cheap Experiments Are Worth More Than Good Ideas, an influential text on A/B testing and experimentation.

Noteworthy content: Recommendation Engines & Trust;The Innovator's Hypothesis: How Cheap Experiments Are Worth More than Good Ideas

Where to find Michael’s thoughts on A/B testing, data and analytics:



Krista Seiden

Krista is the Founder and Principal Consultant at her analytics firm KS Digital. Previously, she led Analytics & Growth at Adobe and The Apollo Group. She was also previously a Product Manager for Google Analytics. Krista is a regular speaker at digital marketing and analytics conferences, such as Conversion Conference and Growth Marketing Conference. She’s also co-chair of the San Francisco chapter of the Digital Analytics Association (DAA).

You should follow Krista because she understands Google Analytics from the inside out. She knows the best ways to structure properties in GA4 and how to collect high-quality data fast. If you want to get the most from the latest version of Google Analytics, you need to hear what Krista has to say.

Noteworthy content: The Ultimate Guide for setting up a Google Analytics 4 property

Where to find Krista’s thoughts on A/B testing, data and analytics:



Siobhan Solberg

Siobhan Solberg

Siobhan is the founder of Raze, a marketing consultancy focused on data analytics. She is also the host of the Marketing Unf*cked podcast, where she delivers harsh truths and real approaches to help businesses grow, while regularly featuring a who’s who guest list of marketing experts.

You should follow Siobhan because the marketing industry has too much thought leadership that beats around the bush. Siobhan tackles problems in marketing and optimization in a clear, straight-to-the-point manner, which gives listeners real action plans.

Noteworthy content: Busting privacy myths

Where to find Siobhan’s thoughts on A/B testing, data and analytics:


Jennifer Polk

A longtime VP at Gartner for product marketing, digital marketing, and communications, Jennifer is now Chief Marketing and Digital Officer at Feeding America, the US’s largest hunger-relief nonprofit agency. In her old and new roles, Jennifer focuses on the power of targeted messaging and personalized experiences.

You should follow Jennifer because she understands the role marketing and experimentation teams have within larger organizations. They need to have a purpose of improving a company’s bottom line or bringing about positive change. She believes understanding an organization’s customers and stakeholders using data should always be framed by a clear-eyed understanding of that purpose.

Noteworthy content: Consumer Insight: The Elephant Not in the Room

Where to find Jennifer’s thoughts on A/B testing, data and analytics:



Moe Kiss

Moe is the Marketing Data Lead at Canva. She’s also the co-host of the Analytics Power Hour Podcast. She has a particular interest in answering business questions about marketing performance and customer behaviour through analytics.

You should follow Moe because she knows data informs both the experiences you craft for customers and the stories you tell them. Moe thinks startups especially should use data to tailor good storytelling to new audiences who aren’t familiar with their brand or even what their product does.

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Michele Kiss

Michele Kiss

Michele Kiss is a senior partner at Analytics Demystified, a digital analytics consultancy, and is a frequent speaker at conferences like eMetrics, Accelerate, Adobe Digital Marketing Summit and the Online Marketing Summit.

You should follow Michele because her advice ranges from light tips and fixes that anyone can implement to highly specific Google Data Studio optimizations for specialists. She's a true evangelist for better data practices.

Noteworthy content: Mastering Analytics for Optimization Success

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Lukas Vermeer

Lukas is Director of Experimentation at Vista, a design and marketing firm for small businesses. He's famous for building's experimentation program and culture. Lukas is a prolific public speaker, appearing at conferences like Conversion Jam, Conversion Hotel, CXL, and the Experimentation Culture Awards.

You should follow Lukas because he’s a natural-born storyteller. There’s a reason he's a popular speaker at data science and CRO conferences worldwide. If you can’t make events in-person, he likes to share videos of his talks on social media.

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Tim Wilson


Tim Wilson is the Senior Director of Analytics at Search Discovery, a data transformation company. He is also the co-creator and a host of the Analytics Power Hour podcast, where he unravels the chaotic yarn of data issues in a relaxed, entertaining manner that anyone can follow.

You should follow Tim because because he has his finger on the pulse of what marketers, product managers, or experimenters want to know about data, but are too afraid to ask. Fear not, because Tim's discussions are useful for practitioners, yet accessible to all.

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Ya Xu

Ya has contributed her expertise to influential papers such as "Top Challenges from the First Practical Online Controlled Experiments Summit." She is currently the VP of Engineering, Head of Data, and Head of Leading Women in Tech (WIT) at LinkedIn. Before joining LinkedIn, she was a Senior Applied Researcher at Microsoft. Ya co-authored Trustworthy Online Controlled Experiments: A Practical Guide to A/B Testing with Ronny Kohavi and Diane Tang.

You should follow Ya because there aren’t many individuals more versed or more broadly-skilled in experimentation than her. She brings deep insights into how rigorous data analytics can inform decision-making. And she has a passion for inclusivity in data science.

Noteworthy content: Building, Adopting, and Maturing LinkedIn’s Machine Learning Platform

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Dana di Tomaso

3 A/B testing influencers in UX & copy



Eden Bidana

Eden Bidani

Eden Bidani is the founder of Green Light Copy. She has a LinkedIn following of over 14,000 professionals. In addition, she is a regular guest at CRO conferences and on marketing podcasts.

You should follow Eden because she is equally regarded in copywriting and CRO worlds. She’s able to cross-pollinate ideas from each to make the other stronger.

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Where to find Eden’s thoughts on A/B testing, UX and copy:



Katelyn Bourgoin

Katelyn is the founder and CEO of Customer Camp, a training and research firm that instructs product teams to perform better testing. She previously founded the branding agency RedRiot and the consulting firm The Fork Project.

You should follow Katelyn because she can help you understand when to trust the data and when to go straight to your customers for interviews. There’s value in each, and she understands the tipping point at which you should go one way or the other in your testing.

Noteworthy content: What's Working In Marketing™: How To Better Understand Your Customer

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Tammy Duggan-Herd

Dr. Tammy Duggan-Herd is Hubspot’s Senior Manager of Marketing. Originally a psychology researcher by trade before becoming a marketing strategist, she has a Ph.D. in social psychology. Before joining Hubspot, she was Director of Marketing at Campaign Creators. Tammy often shares thought leadership and best practices on inbound methodologies at conferences like INBOUND and CXL.

You should follow Tammy because she wants to infuse the digital marketing world with rigorous statistical analysis and also wit and verve.

Noteworthy content: HubSpot User Group: Conversational Marketing 

Where to find Tammy’s thoughts on A/B testing, UX and copy:



Craig Sullivan

Craig Sullivan

Craig is Optimiser in Chief at Optimal Visit, a London-based CRO consulting firm. A UX and usability expert with deep expertise in A/B and multivariate testing, he shares thought leadership and best practices at Econsultancy, Conversion Conference, CXL, CRO Cafe, eMetrics, Etail, Drapers, and Internet World.

You should follow Craig because because there aren’t many experts with the breadth of experience that he has, or fight so passionately for better UX.

Noteworthy content: Crimes of UX Series 

Where to find Craig’s thoughts on A/B testing, UX and copy:


Val Geisler

Val Geisler is the Customer Advocacy Lead at Klaviyo. Before joining the Klaviyo team, Val was an email marketing consultant for B2B and B2C brands. She was also formerly the CEO of Fix My Churn.

You should follow Val because she knows email marketing and experimentation back to front. Val has ideas you'll want to use if you want to improve how your company handles customer emails.

Noteworthy content: How to boost your conversion rates on Shopify Plus

Where to find Val’s thoughts on A/B testing, UX and copy:



Peep Laja

Peep is the founder of CXL, where marketers can learn best practices from the most successful practitioners in the space. He is also the founder of Wynter, a product messaging testing company, and a board member at Speero, CXL’s agency. Peep regularly interviews industry thought leaders and entrepreneurs on his YouTube channel, The Pe:p Show.

You should follow Peep because he is a leading experimentation and optimization expert. He is one of the most connected and knowledgeable people in the field who can share insights from everyone in his network.

Noteworthy content: What brands get wrong about copywritingWinning B2B Strategies in 2022

Where to find Peep’s thoughts on A/B testing, UX and copy:



Rishi Rawat

Rishi Rawat

Rishi is the founder of Frictionless Commerce, an agency that optimizes Shopify product pages. He frequently appears on podcasts and in marketing media to tell the world about his unique, hyper-focused approach to experimentation.

You should follow Rishi because product pages and the copy within them are extremely important, but infrequently discussed. Rishi gives this part of the website the oxygen it needs while also providing insights about optimization more broadly.

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Erin Weigel

Erin is an expert in A/B testing, design systems, and digital accessibility. She helps large, multinational corporations scale easy-to-use, highly converting UI. She is currently at Deliveroo and was previously Principal Designer at, making hands-on improvements to the product through extensive research and A/B testing. She is a regular speaker at conferences and experimentation events, including the GPEC Summit, KonversionKraft’s Growth Marketing Summit, ConversionJam, Conversion Boost, CXL Elite Camp, and Conversion Hotel.

You should follow Erin because her extensive experience in testing and her background in design has led her to find many unique insights. She believes experimenters need to balance a qualitative perspective with quantitative data analysis.

Noteworthy content: A/B Testing: Concept != ExecutionCome in we’re open: What we digital shops can learn from brick and mortar retail

Where to find Erin’s thoughts on A/B testing, UX and copy:



Talia Wolf

Talia Wolf

Talia Wolf is an internationally recognized conversion optimization consultant, trainer, and speaker. She is the Founder and Chief Optimizer at GetUplift. In addition, Talia is a prolific public speaker on conversion optimization, landing page optimization, and many other topics of interest to CRO professionals. She regularly appears at ConversionXL Live, MozCon, Conversion Jam, and Conversions @ Google.

You should follow Talia because she knows that the purpose of experimentation is to understand the emotional reactions of the human on the other side of the screen. You want to understand them so you can elicit an instinctive reaction to your experiences.

Noteworthy content: How to use emotion to drive more conversions


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