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Shopify Plus: Optimize your online store with A/B testing

Shopify Plus: Optimize your online store with A/B testing

June 30, 2021
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Daniel Boltinsky
Daniel Boltinsky
Kameleoon, Managing Editor, North America

1 Kameleoon A/B Testing app for Shopify

Kameleoon is now integrated with Shopify, empowering e-commerce stores to learn from their customers’ behaviour and realize the value of A/B testing.

With the Kameleoon A/B Testing Shopify app, you can seamlessly connect your Shopify site with our fast, secure and powerful personalization and A/B testing platform in just a few clicks.

With more than one million online retailers using Shopify to manage their stores, our native bridge lets more of our users optimize their websites and enrich their segmentation strategies easily:

  • Make the most of a direct integration with the Kameleoon solution to create and roll out your A/B tests and personalizations on your e-commerce website.
  • Automatically send the visitor data collected on your website through to the Kameleoon solution: pages visited, checked out or abandoned carts, visitor behavior, etc.
  • Use our Product API for targeting based on the categories and types of products viewed.
How to create an experiment from Kameleoon A/B testing platform


2 Optimize your visitors’ path to purchase

Reduce cart abandonment

With event tracking, you’ll know in real time when a shopper with high purchasing potential abandons their cart and you’ll be able to trigger personalized actions (like pop-ins and discount codes) to get the visitor to convert before they leave the website.

Use A/B testing to identify the best version of your conversion funnel and avoid cart abandonment.

Maximize cart check-outs and conversions

Use Kameleoon’s AI to measure your visitors’ purchasing intention in real time. Then, adapt your strategy by triggering the right actions for each profile, to boost your conversions and reduce campaign costs.

Personalize the visitor’s purchasing journey

Make adjustments to work on each step of the visitor’s purchasing journey and improve your main KPIs: engagement, conversion, loyalty and retention.

Personalize your product catalogue

Re-organize your product catalogue according to visitors’ expectations and personalize the display of upsell and cross-sell items based on each visitor's behavior and preferences.


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Daniel Boltinsky
Daniel Boltinsky
Kameleoon, Managing Editor, North America