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Our agency and service partners specialize in helping you build high-impact A/B testing, personalization, and customer experience optimization programs using Kameleoon. Whether you are just getting started, or looking for highly specialized service for your industry or business model, our partners will quickly aim to understand your needs and help you achieve your goals.
Successful experimentation relies on scalable, powerful technology. Kameleoon provides us with a complete solution, from client and server-side testing to AI-driven personalization, so our clients gain fast business results from their experimentation programs.
Chris Goward
Founder & CEO, Widerfunnel
Kameleoon is one of those rare software solutions that makes customer experience optimisation easier for all teams. It’s fast, flicker-free, data-compliant, easy to install, and powerful. Enterprise brands looking for an A/B and full stack testing or personalisation solution should consider Kameleoon.
Stephen Pavlovich
Managing Director, Conversion
With its simulation tool, code editor, conversion-focused AI, and a pricing model that encourages testing and personalization, Kameleoon gives marketers, developers, and product managers a powerful tool to help brands build impactful customer experience optimization programs.
Ben Labay
Managing Director, Speero

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