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The top Kameleoon feature releases of 2022

The top Kameleoon feature releases of 2022

December 29, 2022

As the year comes to a close, we reflect on all of the enhancements we’ve made to Kameleoon in the past year. 

Some of our most exciting feature updates include enhancements to Kameleoon Hybrid™, the introduction of Feature Experimentation, and new data accuracy-enhancing features - all in an effort to make Kameleoon the ultimate unified platform for all teams.

Here are the top Kameleoon feature releases of 2022.

1. Improvements to hybrid experimentation

This year, we introduced new capabilities to Kameleoon Hybrid™ to make server-side testing easier and more valuable for all types of teams. This includes:

  • External Segment Sync to allow marketers and product managers to sync their third-party segments into Kameleoon for more precise targeting.
  • Mutually exclusive campaigns to let users include or exclude visitors who have been exposed to a given campaign or variant, using a new targeting rule.
  • Data-out integrations for analysis and activation.


Server-side testing requires ample developer resources. With Kameleoon Hybrid™, users can manage server-side experiments with client-side capabilities, reducing their dependency on their dev team.

Enhancing our hybrid experimentation capabilities will continue to be a major focus of ours into 2023 and beyond, including bringing hybrid capabilities to feature experimentation in Kameleoon.

Kameleoon Hybrid user interface
Kameleoon Hybrid™ makes targeting third-party segments and syncing campaign results to third-party solutions easy, even in server-side experiments.


2. Enhancements to data accuracy

Ensuring data accuracy is critical - without accurate data, you’re risking data loss, providing inconsistent or incorrect customer experiences, and losing internal validity.

We’re proud to say that Kameleoon now has the most advanced data accuracy measures and highest data privacy safeguards among optimization platforms. 

This is thanks in part to some of our newly introduced features and enhancements of 2022.


We are the first and only A/B testing solution to offer a Custom Attribution Window feature, and one of the few to offer an in-app SRM notification in the platform, illustrating our commitment to data accuracy for experimentation teams.


Sample ratio mismatch alert on Kameleoon AB testing platform
Kameleoon's in-app Sample Ratio Mismatch (SRM) alert


3. Major updates to our Feature Management solution

This year, we’ve made significant improvements to our feature management capabilities. These updates include:

  • Feature Experimentation to enable teams to further accelerate the validation phase of their product development and release lifecycle.
  • Multi-environment management capabilities to allow teams to release features in one or a combination of environments.
  • Rollout planner with scheduling, targeted delivery, and progressive delivery to better manage experiments.


By enhancing our feature management capabilities, we allow product managers to gain more control of releases, deliver new capabilities faster while reducing risk, and continuously improve the quality of their products. 


Feature experimentation on Kameleoon
Configuring a Feature Experiment in Kameleoon


4. Launched a new and improved Widget Editor

After the initial release of our new no-code graphic widget editor in February 2022, we continued to introduce significant UX/UI changes to this powerful feature throughout the year. 

Below are a few of the enhancements we made. 

  • Expanded our Widget Template Library to include countdown and timer widgets
  • Added new video elements
  • Added JavaScript code-based actions
  • Added hyperlinks and multi-color text options in text fields
  • Improved functionality with more intuitive creation and editing capabilities
  • Introduced Widget A/B testing


Manually coding pop-ups, countdown banners, overlays and slideshows eats up valuable developer and marketing resources. 

With the new widget editor, users can quickly build, easily edit and reuse highly personalized widgets for any device (mobile, tablet or desktop) with zero coding, and then preview and QA them prior to launching a campaign.

Kameleoon widget editor
Kameleoon's no-code, graphic Widget Editor


5. Improved troubleshooting capabilities for developers

To help make Kameleoon the ideal unified platform for all teams, we’ve made it easier for developers to use and interact with the platform on their terms.

We’ve improved troubleshooting capabilities for developers including:

  • Updates to Kameleoon Chrome Extension to allow developers to interact with Kameleoon campaigns directly from their browser for easier and faster diagnostics.
  • Introduced Kameleoon’s Web Plugin to allow developers to debug experiments on mobile devices and browsers other than Chrome, including Safari, Firefox, and Edge. 


With these enhancements, teams can save valuable developer time, and increase experimentation velocity. 

Kameleoon Chrome Extension
Kameleoon Google Chrome Extension


6. Introduced new integrations 

A powerful A/B testing platform must be able to connect to the tools you use the most, and fasttrack the impact of your testing program.

Setting up integrations can take valuable time away from dev teams. Over the course of the year, we’ve implemented a number of highly requested integrations to help unify user’s tech stacks and free up developer resources. 

These integrations include:


With these integrations, users can easily leverage their existing segmentation strategy and sync campaign results to third-party tools for activation and analysis. 

Expect even more integrations coming in 2023, as we continue to work towards being a fully integrated solution for all teams.


List of Kameleoon integrations in-app

Kameleoon’s Integrations page


7. Enhancements to accelerate experimentation velocity 

How quickly teams are able to design and launch valid experiments can determine the success of entire experimentation programs.

This year, we introduced enhancements to Kameleoon to help accelerate experimentation velocity and increase agility.

  • Audiences Explorer enhancements with the addition of the global KPIs such as revenue generated
  • New workflows to implement Kameleoon on all devices
  • Grouped actions


By improving agility, Kameleoon can help experimentation teams launch better experiments faster. 


Grouped actions in the Kameleoon app

Newly introduced grouped actions on Kameleoon’s dashboards


What features are coming to Kameleoon in 2023?

There’s a lot more updates and enhancements coming to Kameleoon in 2023. Here are a few exciting updates to expect.


Feature Experimentation & advanced rollout capabilities

Next year we will continue to make Kameleoon more useful for product teams, so product-driven organizations can reach the next level of maturity with the platform. 

Coming soon: Feature Rollback Rules 

Feature rollback rules define automatic rollback rules for feature flags based on relevant KPIs.

  • This powerful and flexible feature will allow users to configure metric-based kill switches to further reduce risks associated with releases and give users even more control over the management of feature flags.


Our goal is to enable Product Managers and Developers to keep building better products and delight their customers, through introducing improvements to our feature experimentation and rollout capabilities.

Fast Reliability algorithm to accelerate experimentation velocity

Having a large sample size can help ensure experiment results are statistically significant. However, the traffic size needed is difficult for most teams to achieve. 

In the coming year, we will be launching a CUPED-based algorithm that leverages existing visitor data to speed up time to reliable results and allow users to achieve statistical significance with a smaller amount of traffic or in a shorter amount of time.

Redesigned Graphic Editor and Personalization page

The Graphic Editor and the Personalization page will be receiving an update and redesign in the platform in 2023.

The new Graphic Editor will resolve current UX challenges and make experiment configuration even easier, while the new Personalization page will be more intuitive and user-friendly. 

We look forward to continuing to bring our users a platform to support all of experimentation and feature management needs in 2023 and beyond!

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